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Gary Erskine and Dominic Regan saddle up for horror Western

“Well, pilgrim, that looks like a lot more than a sunset on the horizon.”

That’s not official dialogue from Zachariah Gunn: Dakota, but after seeing the above image that’s just one of many things that popped into my head. Zachariah Gunn: Dakota is a comic series that veteran comics creator Gary Erskine has been teasing online and in recent conventions. Created with Dominic Regan, this series  is described by the creators as a classic Western inspired by things like Once Upon a Time in the West and Hellboy.

I’ll admit that next to nothing has been revealed about this comic serial yet, but the ingredients we know so far — the creators, the set-up, and that title — make it something I definitely want to see more of. Here’s some images from the series Erskin and Regan have posted on a Facebook fan page set up for the comic. No word yet on when and how the series will ultimately be released, but I’d wager an announcement is in the near future.



Well, pilgrim, it looks a lot like The Sixth Gun but with a different artstyle.
Still, more supernatural western is certainly welcome.

‘Well, Pilgrim…’ The Western equivalent of Whiz Bam Pow for superhero comics! LOL!

Thanks for the sneak peek. We weren’t really ready to push the book until we sorted out the first issue but appreciate the nod. Any similarities between The Sixth Gun and even Django are moot since we have been working on this idea for a couple of years now. We both like westerns and are HUGE Sergio Leone fans and really felt that (apart from Jonah Hex and some European BDs) the western comic was a desperately over-looked genre. Sadly both our schedule’s have meant constant delays and frustrations (mostly with the art) but we hope to have completed the first issue before the summer (current schedules permitting)

Enjoy the previews. More to follow soon.

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