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Guardians of the Galaxy director under fire for superhero-sex article

James Gunn

Even as the casting search gears up for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, a push has begun online to convince the studio to fire director James Gunn over objections to a nearly two-year-old blog post that many view as misogynistic and homophobic. (Note: This post contains graphic language.)

The Feb. 17, 2011 post containing the results of a “Superheroes You Most Want to Have Sex With” poll, complete with Gunn’s commentary, was deleted at some point from the filmmaker’s website but the cached version resurfaced earlier this week on Tumblr before receiving further exposure Wednesday on The Mary Sue. Why Gunn’s post was only recently unearthed is a bit of a mystery (he was confirmed to direct Guardians of the Galaxy more than two months ago).

Gunn’s superhero sex poll includes male and female characters — 50 in all — ranging from Wonder Woman and Superman to Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel. While The Mary Sue notes “there’s nothing wrong about running a poll for the most sex-able superhero on your site,” the complaints arise over some of the filmmaker’s accompanying commentary.

Some of Gunn’s remarks are merely juvenile — for instance, Catwoman “has been making my penis feel funny since I was four years old and saw Julie Newmar playing her on TV” — others are a bit more offensive. On the entry for the X-Man Gambit, he writes, “My girlfriend voted for this Cajun fruit. I think she’s looking to have a devil’s three way with the two of us.  The idea of my balls slapping against Gambit’s makes me sick to my stomach, but I can’t deny the fellow’s pure HEAT …”

For Batgirl/Cassandra Cain, Gunn suggests, “Being a teen mom and all, you know she’s easy. Go for it.” For Kitty Pryde: “@KittyPryde actually wrote me on Twitter after posting the nominees for heroes you most want to have sex with. I wrote her back, but neglected to mention that I wanted to anally do her.”

And for his Batwoman entry: “This lesbian character was voted for almost exclusively by men. I don’t know exactly what that means.  But I’m hoping for a Marvel-DC crossover so that Tony Stark can “turn” her.  She could also have sex with Nightwing and probably still be technically considered a lesbian.”

On her own blog, Dark Horse editor Rachel Edidin calls the comments “fucked up and misogynist and homophobic,” explaining, “If Gunn’s list is satire, it’s bad satire, because it skews incredibly close to material that’s not only already out there, but that comes from official media and in some cases industry professionals. There’s a significant slice of the comics community that is that misogynist and homophobic, and says so loudly and frequently. It’s telling, I think, that so many people took what Gunn wrote at face value: this is material we’ve seen before, again and again, presented seriously.”

A petition at urging Marvel Studios “to cut ties with Gunn and find a new director who has respect for women” has gathered more than 4,400 signatures.



I get trying to be funny, but some of this is beyond questionable. Why do people think they can be homophobic and sexist in this day and age? I’m sure there’s some 13 year old out there who’s very impressed, but the guy comes off bad.

you people really need to lighten the F**K up, there are more pressing problems in this country than James Gunn making a list of FICTIONAL characters you wan to have sex with. Jesus!

James Gunn is by no means a textbook Hollywood director he is out there and he takes chances. This is what people like about him. Directors like Joss Whedon and many of the actors Gunn has worked with including Nathan Fillion and Michael Rooker love the guy. Everyone makes mistakes but when people who are different make mistakes everyone jumps to conclusions. Robert Downy Jr. has a sordid past but no one brings it up any more. Get over it Gunn is a talented director who posted some stupid shit.

He is going to make an incredible Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

I don’t really understand why everyone has their panties in a bunch.. Everybody is so sensitive these days. Everybody wan’t their beliefs to be heard and accepted but if somebody has an opposing view its time to rain down the power of the internet on them.

This guy worked for TROMA. Wake up people. James Gunn’s personality and humor is all over the top sexual. He did a PG Porn segment for Spike. Do your homework.

So he was probably hammered and posted something stupid. Big deal.

If you’re familiar with James Gunn’s previous work and attitude, you’ll know for a fact that this is a joke. He’s just flown under the radar for so long that no one has ever noticed or cared for that matter. I mean he has a hilarious web-series called “PG Porn – Everything you love about Porn, without the sex”. He’s also worked with Troma Entertainment… you know the group… that created Toxic Avenger and Poultrygeist – Night of the Chicken? Lighten up and do some research… he’s always been this guy.

Mind you, from various podcasts that he has guest appeared on and that I have listen to; he’s extremely liberal. I doubt any of that plays well with his homophobia. This is a joke. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

I think his comments are intentionally crude, but I see that it’s meant to be funny, especially using adult language about comic book characters. I can understand why some people might think it’s not funny, but I’m more offended at the notion that people are organizing to get him fired from a job. If you don’t want to support him, don’t watch his movies. Should Christians organize and protest every single creative person in hollywood who supports gay rights because it goes against what they believe in? Why don’t we get a personal dossier on every director/writer/producer/actor/set decorator et al so everyone can pass judgement on him/her so that employers can know whether or not “we” agree that they should be hired. At least in that instance, we’d be better informed than passing judgement on someone for flippant comments about comic book character sex.


November 29, 2012 at 8:33 am

Yes, Gregg, there are more pressing concerns in the country than a homophobic misogynist being given a position of influence in an industry that is essentially hostile to women. But this is a website dedicated to that industry. If you want to talk about the economy or defence policy, go to a website dedicated to that stuff.

But yeah, all that article of Gunn’s shows is that he’s too stupid and backward to be given any responsibility over anything worthwhile.

The way people feel entitled to police others’ sense of humor is getting a bit too dystopian to be ignored. everybody is free to think a joke is unfunny and to say so, obviously, but these “mob lynchings” of trying to get someone fired because (s)he told a joke you didn’t like is the truly fucked up thing in this story.

Rachel Edidin should be ashamed of herself, and she should know better, being an editor in an industry so severely crippled by censorship not that long ago.

Where’s the petition to keep him on? This is ridiculous. If people took a second to follow this guy’s career, both officially and in social media, you’d know he’s always had a very racy sense of humor and you’d also know that he’s far from homophobic or sexist.

God, go do something of use anyone that’s actually making a big deal over this…

What the poll has to do with his credentials as a filmmaker is beyond me…

Luke pretty much nailed it, he used to work for Troma and I have friends who work there, its a crude sense of humor over there, but not meant to BE harmful.

I will say it is bad satire, I didn’t find most of it funny but I wasn’t offended by any of it either.

Although his comments were juvenille and just plain not funny, expecting a studio to fire him because of them is ridiculous. I think Chriss Deenan (posted above) makes a good point “Robert Downy Jr. has a sordid past but no one brings it up any more”.
I think the fact they’re even calls for him to be fired shows how beyond ridiculous things have gotten regarding PC etc.
If you really feel these types of comments are inappropriate to the extent that the man can’t make a movie make your point with your $$ and simply don’t go see it.

He posted this when Super came out. Now go watch the movie on Netflix.

And gimme a break Mary Sue. What a shitty skewed one-sided corporate blog that is.

I’m going to be outraged by one person’s fantasies with fictional characters.

Seriously, who hasn’t done that? He just had the balls to put it on paper (screen) for others to see it. Now, if it were about real people, then he may have crossed the line.

The whole purpose (well… at least the main purpose) of superhero costumes seems to tap into the sexuality of the character (pun intended).

The homophobia in the posts provided really doesn’t seem more offensive than the sort of Fratboyish humour that one expects from say a Daniel Tosh or what have you. Bothersome, but not advocating any sort of violence, and certainly with it’s own self deprication involved (note that after maligning Gambit, he admits that the fellow is hot, effectivly undoing the homophobia at his own expense). Likewise with the Batwoman turning post, it seems mostly a rip on the numerous male fan boys engaging in the turning fantasy (which is at it’s core about consentual sex, even if fanciful), even with the slam on Dick Grayson.

I think it’s more disturbing to suggest that just because an artist might be a jerk in his personal life, we should discount their art. Really, if you want to say that the films of this director show a strong theme of homophobia and misogyny (I have heard that kind of comment made about Whedon too believe it or not) that might be an argument to not go to his film, but to suggest that because he once made some off color comments he should be kept from plying his trade seems to make those on the other end of the argument the bullies here.

Essentially, this is not Gibsonesque behavior, whtere the questionablity of the statements and arguments overwhelm the work of the artist. This off color jokes that were taken down by the artist long before any controversy really became an issue.

Essentially, nothing in the quotes provided seem worse than I’ve seen on Talk Soup, and I think Joel McHale would make a great Ambushbug, so I wouldn’t want him banned from that movie.

Awful as I’m sure that web post is (not gonna waste my time reading it), I don’t think a web petition is actually going to get this guy kicked out of the director’s chair. People who have found this offensive are better off just boycotting it when it comes out.

I don’t think anything short of letter writing campaigns actually gets things cancelled, made or whatver these days.

I agree 100% with Gregg above. Lighten up, people.

It looks to me as an obvious attempt to be humorous (I laughed at the comments anyway). And it was published on the Internet, which is largely a desensitized playground. If you’re offended, don’t visit that site or view that material; it’s the same thing as “don’t buy Playboy magazine if that material is offensive to you.”

Big deal. This is locker room talk, plain and simple. These folks need to lighten up and get Gambit’s wang out of their asses.

I’m with a lot of people on this post. This is just dumb. This is someone nitpicking over some posts that literally don’t mean anything. He made some off-handed (perhaps tasteless) humor directed posts and that is it. I’ve said on my Facebook we should bomb the GOP in a fit of anger, but the words were empty and from a place of immediate reaction. There are problems in this world that are legitimate. The way Rachel Edidin makes it sound he told the world that he wanted to “put all dem gays on an island and nuke it” or some bullshit like that. Edidin…you might want to grab a pint or smoke a jay, and pull the corncob out of your a***. I was picked on my whole life and can tell you legitimate hurtful language that can be damaging and this just isn’t it. It was just a “guy” speaking off-handedly. I keep seeing this reality of all the PC folks where we just lock ourselves away and edit every piece of material because it could make a child fat or kill the wild breasted dung monkey. The world you all live in isn’t real, will never be, and it is time to be okay with people sometimes saying stupid things as long as they were not specifically directed at being hurtful. Read some Bukowski…that will toughen you up a little. Peace…

Wait, how is this homophobic? He says Gambit is hot…..

hey Greatmetropolitan , I never mentioned anything political I just meant in the General sense of things and the article wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, but I guess you must have thought that it was which also means I can’t take you seriously, and do you know James Gunn? if you do you can go ahead and say what kind of person he is, but if you don’t you have no right to call him homophobic misogynist, based on a satiric article about fictional characters he wrote almost 2 years ago where was your high and mighty opinion of him then? oh wait you probably didn’t know about the article so you didn’t have a opinion of him, like the rest of the tight asshole people who are just now talking about this, what a waste.

So he made some bad sex jokes. The. Nightwing one was kinda funny. Get over it people.

I cringe whenever I see an entertainer persecuted for something they say, regardless of whether it is perceived as crude, sexist, racist, or whatever. The list is long and keeps growing: Michael Richards, Daniel Tosh, Howard Stern, Gilbert Gottfried, Brett Ratner.

These people entertain in part by pushing boundaries. Sometimes they miss the mark or cross someone’s line, and they certainly are not everyone’s cup of tea. When the result of their offending someone is getting fired from a job, losing endorsements, or being blackballed in the industry, you stifle their creativity and make them second guess themselves for fear of repercussions. It can deprive them of their livelihood and deprive their fans of entertainment.

Crude, yes… sexist maybe. Homophobic? No.

“The idea of MY balls slapping against Gambit’s makes me sick to my stomach” is HIS feeling, HIS opinion.

THIS would be homophobic: “The idea of ANOTHER MAN’s balls slapping against Gambit’s makes me sick to my stomach”

I smiled…

If he had made racial “jokes” ala Michael Richards, NONE of you supporters would have posted. All of you are being dishonest, because all of you James Gunn supporters feel just as homophobic as he obviously is. You should just admit it and defend it on those grounds alone (you hate a particular minority group) – otherwise, you’re just being a bunch cowards – but then that’s really nothing new for y’all.

Its Not Homophobia is just being fucking Normal, ok let be clear, i think gays should have the right to marriage, and i do think they should Never have any rights taken away dew to there sexual orientation. However that does not make what they do any less Un Natural or bizzare from the point of view of normal people, this has nothing to do with religion its simple Fact Nature did not intend for males to be sexualy attracted to males and females to females, the normal fucking reaction to thinking of such acts is that its gross and sickening. what is the guy supose to lie and say it turns him on?

and How the Fuck is it Misogynistic to fucking state your fantasys about fucking Fictional Characters. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WHAT THAT?

I’m usually on the other side when it comes to shit like this, but in this case I think it’s a lot of hoo-ha over nothing.

I bet if Kevin Smith wrote this for Jason Mewes to say people would think it was comic genius.

It’s dumb, it’s crude, it’s probably offensive to some people and it’s certainly not funny. It’s also about fictional characters, and is so over the top, it can only be (bad) juvenile trash jokes, often at his own expense.

I don’t see what’s so incredibly terrible about it that is should cause him to lose his job.

Tony Harris’ screed from a few weeks ago was much worse without using any of the language that Gunn uses, because Harris was targeting real people.

Yep certainly juvenile but hard to take seriously given the topic and the tone. I’d say some of the commentary here is much more problematic and homophobic/sexist Jason.

There is nothing wrong with this. Rachel Ediden and others are simply overreacting because these days we’re supposed to be so thin skinned that and perceived insult is grounds to ruin someones life.
It was a blog post from two years ago that is clearly meant to be fun. People pretending to be outraged need to lighten up, grow up, and shut up.

I’m so sick of this crap.

I’m still not sure where the charges of homophobia being leveled at him are coming from. The Gambit example isn’t it, and if you think it is, you should really reread it.

I miss the days before everything was so transparent and you didnt know who was a jackoff in real life and who wasn’t…I can’t help but feel Guardians be a little tainted for me now knowing its helmed by an unfunny douche. Not offensive mind you, just unfunny. Damn you Twitter! The curtain is drawn, the magic is gone.


My mind also went to the Tony Harris incident when people started throwing misogyny around.

I definitely think this Gunn situation is way overblown. I’m kind of surprised that anyone’s taken the comments seriously.

People need to get the F%$# over this, and let the man do his job with Guardians of the Galaxy. It was TWO YEARS AGO!

The writer of Tromeo and Juliet wrote a bathroom humour article? Say it ain’t so!

I love how this faux “controversy” is being completely started/run/promoted by a blog supposedly run by/for “geek girls”. I thought geek girls were made of tougher stuff, but these lasses sound like little dainty flowers running around the net looking for things to be offended by. If that’s the case, good luck on the net, girls!

I just created my own petition to keep James Gunn at the helm of this movie. Please sign it if you believe it is time to make a stand and stop letting the crybabies have their way.

O man, the things he wants to do to imaginary people, the horror.

How times have changed. Can you imaging this sort of stupidity in the early 1980’s?
Bob Clark would have caught this kind of flack for writing and directing A Christmas Story because people would be pretending to be outraged that he would dare do a movie like that after writing and directing Porky’s a year earlier.

Grow up people. And the guy calling himself @cj, sorry but it has nothing to do with being a homophobe and supporting Gunn. I’ve been a fan of his for years but you obviously overlook the fact that most likely many posting in support of him are gay. Try again.

crass and juvenile…but not that big a deal.

Charles J. Baserap

November 29, 2012 at 10:10 am

I’m going to just quote what I have from a piece I wrote, because it’s apt, especially in this “everyone needs to feel offended PC society” where any view that is not completely sanitized has one of the dreaded “isms” or “phobes” attached to it.

“There appears to be a list of usual characters that crop up in nearly every Internet conversation—there’s the guy who’s clearly too cool for comics but feels a need to weigh in anyway if only to tell all the “sheeple” how not cool they are; the guy who finds a hidden agenda in every character or event like trying to “force” diverse characters on the public; the perpetual victim who sees a concerted plan by the industry to intentionally malign a sex or ethnic group due to some larger conspiracy; the one who hates everything but won’t give concrete examples why and accuses everyone of being an apologist; the one who loves everything but won’t give concrete examples why and accuses everyone of being a hater; the spambot posting something about the appropriateness of young women dating senior citizens; and the rest of us, who are left wondering at what point we thought this was a good idea to get involved in the conversation in the first place.

“Based on the dramatis personae, you can imagine how conversations have gone pertaining to things like DC’s decision in the DCnU to turn original Green Lantern Alan Scott from a middle-aged heterosexual with two grown kids into a younger and unmarried homosexual hero.

“It’s chaos at best. And not the good kind of chaos that will accompany my inevitable rise to power, but the kind that causes you to be stricken blind from sheer stupidity.

“I love comic books. That’s no big secret. And I love to discuss them. But the key word there is discuss. Not yell about, not argue, not act like my life depends on them, but discuss them. Sure, there can be the spirited, though friendly, debates on things like whether Superman or Hulk would win in a fight, or the actual merits of making Alan Scott gay to diversify the line while ignoring that the son they’ve erased from existence was already gay so all they did was an addition by subtraction in essence. But when DC announces that there’s going to be a new Arab American Green Lantern and you’re trying to discuss it and you’ve got to instead wade through the ones crying about a force fed agenda on the part of DC or ranting about how there needs to be diversity because DC intentionally cancels all minority led books for no reason as opposed to low sales, you start to go mad.

“Never, ever, under any circumstances—and I can’t express this enough—get into a conversation on female comic characters on some sites. No good will come of it. Because, invariably, the ones who have something insightful to add will be shouted down by people who see a hidden plan to eradicate women and accuse anyone and everything of being sexist, by people feeling the need to be offended on behalf of others, and by actual sexists who decry all female characters as inferior to the males.

“It’s a smorgasbord of stupid, every damn time.

“Similarly, avoid racial issues. Why? Because they tend to draw out knuckle dragging racists who can’t stand to see a non white character as anything other than a PC token that’s trying to force its way into their whitewashed world, and those who try to turn everything into an issue about race. Hell, I saw a review of an X-Men related book recently that suddenly turned into a rant on how there were no black writers employed by Marvel which had exactly nothing to do with the comic book in any way, shape or form.”

So frakking what I would rather have that guy direct an action movie rather than another “PC” sensible Gleek

Have you seen Lollipop Chainsaw? I don’t get this pre-concieved notion that he’s a saint and that this a huge revelation. He’s been on Attack Of The Show and other media outlets. He’s unnapologetically offensive in a Howard Stern-like way, some people love James Gunn others despise him, but pulling those comments up like they’ve found incriminating evidence is ridiculous. He’s up for directing a movie, not becoming president. Just out of curiosity, I wonder if those people know he also refuse to see his Scooby Doo movies?

I don’t see what’s so terrible about all this. The worst part is it’s not that funny, but misogynist and homophobic, really? I’ve heard worse and more offensive in a comedy club where people roared with laughter.

I like what the AP has to say about homophobia in their updated stylebook (as quoted from Politico): The online Style Book now says that “-phobia,” “an irrational, uncontrollable fear, often a form of mental illness” should not be used “in political or social contexts,” including “homophobia” and “Islamophobia.” …a phobia is a psychiatric or medical term for a severe mental disorder. Those terms have been used quite a bit in the past, and we don’t feel that’s quite accurate,” AP Deputy Standards Editor Dave Minthorn told Politico.

With the AP not using it I’ll be happy to see those junk-psych terms die.

Groan. Everything’s misogynistic and homophobic these days. People need to lighten up.

If people are creating petitions over this when he’s talking about fictional characters, then where’s the petition against Michael Bay directing anything given how he treated Megan Fox on the Transformers movies? As regardless of what anyone might think of her acting credentials, Megan Fox is an actual real person, not a comic book character!

You know what who cares get a sense of humor I juts think its cool theirs a guy in Hollywood who actually knows who the fuck Cassandra Cain and Gambit are. Also actually refers to Dick Grayson as Nightwing and not Robin.

I wonder how the groups to which his comments actually pertain feel about it. I find it funny that a ton of men are posting angry about this guy’s treatment. If only this didn’t make for a hostile environment where a female or non-straight person would feel uncomfortable sharing their opinion to bring to light why there is any offense to be taken to his comments.

As for me? I don’t really find this surprising…any of it.

What utter bollocks. Seriously, anyone who is offended by this needs to do the world a favour and shut the fuck up, because their opinions are ludicrous. Misogynistic? How? It reduces men AND women to sexual play things, which just isn’t misogyny. Homophobic? Why, because the idea of him having sex with a man sickens him? NOT homophobia, just him being heterosexual. And the lesbian crack? Come on, that’s clearly a joke at the expense of media that routinely presents lesbianism as a choice, not a biologically predetermined aspect of a persons personality.

The claim that this poll and these posts make for a hostile environment is NONSENSE. Not only do women do exactly the same thing men do (whether it’s Diet Coke adverts or Magic Mike, women leer over sexy men as much as men do so over women) there’s nothing hateful or threatening about the poll, it’s a basic statement of opinion.

And to top it all, the poll took place two years ago. So guess what, whoever dragged this up obviously has an axe to grind for one reason or another.

Gambit is a horrible super-hero. I wouldn’t want his balls slapping mine either.

Ok, does everyone realize he was talking about FICTIONAL characters? Besides, he’s clearly allowed to have an opinion. Quite frankly, I think The Mary Sue is a joke of a website/blog to begin with anyway. They are more one sided than Fox News.

Marvel knew what they were getting into when they hired Gunn. He’s going nowhere.

I’m going to boycott the movie because of his slam on Nightwing. What a jerk.

“I think The Mary Sue is a joke of a website/blog to begin with anyway. They are more one sided than Fox News.”

As a whole, I agree that the comics industry needs to be more tolerant and inclusive, and I used to feel that The Mary Sue as a website was a step in the right direction. However, lately I’ve noticed more and more that contributors to the website, and in particular, associate editor Jill Pantozzi, have taken to rallying their Twitter followers to slander, scream at, and boycott anyone who’s opinion is counter to their very left-wing, politically correct attitudes towards sex and gender. Every time something like this happens, I see Eddin and Pantozzi raising holy hell on Twitter about it, and frankly, I don’t think trying to get someone fired is going to make anyone see your side of the argument any better. If anything, that is just going to push people who already disagree with you further in the opposite direction.

When the Tony Harris thing blew up last week, I was mostly on the same side as many of the people who objected to his comments, for what I did and still do think were very valid reasons. This, on the other hand, is creepy way too into “thought police” territory for my comfort.

“And to top it all, the poll took place two years ago. So guess what, whoever dragged this up obviously has an axe to grind for one reason or another.”

My thoughts exactly.

Do you all not realize that superhero comics’ portrayal of women is, for the most part, inherently misogynistic? Even when the writers try to empower these characters (usually by making covers of them “cutely” flexing their muscles, etc, as in the variant for Captain Marvel #1, which was shamefully written by a woman), they’re drawn with gigantic breasts and perfect bodies. If you’re truly a feminist, why do you buy comics from Marvel and DC?

I don’t get why sextism, racism, and homophobia are wrong but hating sextists, racists, and homophobes is ok? If its wrong to hate someone for their race, its wrong to hate someone for hating someone for their race. Quit trying to force everyone to like everyone else.

“Do you all not realize that superhero comics’ portrayal of women is, for the most part, inherently misogynistic? Even when the writers try to empower these characters (usually by making covers of them “cutely” flexing their muscles, etc, as in the variant for Captain Marvel #1, which was shamefully written by a woman), they’re drawn with gigantic breasts and perfect bodies. If you’re truly a feminist, why do you buy comics from Marvel and DC?”

Accusing Marvel’s creators of misogyny by definition means that they hate women. I’m sorry, but do you honestly think that Kelly Sue DeConnick would even write Captain Marvel if she thought that the company she and her husband worked for hated women? What about Kathryn Immonen? Or Gail Simone for DC, one of the best writers of the industry. Are some Marvel comics sexist? YES! Are they all sexist? Absolutely not. If you think as much, you’re clearly not reading all what the publisher releases.

You are just looking for a straw man argument that says “corporate comics are inherently sexist AND misogynist.”

Here’s a straw-man argument of my own for you: is everything that is attractive or appealing to a heterosexual male audience inherently sexist or misogynistic? Do you think that heterosexuality is inherently misogynistic? How’s that for a straw-man argument.

Must be a slow news day if this is getting this much attention. Nothing to see here, move along people…

Given how these comments where two years ago and written about comic book characters and not real people. I don’t see how it should cause him to be fired, but given that this is Disney we’re talking about here don’t be surprised if he is fired for it.

I think your wording could be stronger here, Kevin. As you say in your third paragraph, the objection has not been to the sexualising of superheroes, so why make that the headline? Similarly, why say “many [italicised!] view the post as misogynistic and homophobic”, when it is objectively sexist and homophobic? It would be perfectly correct to describe it this way, without resorting to soft-pedalling the language.

Two stories above this on the front page, the movie round-up reports on Gunn’s casting, with no mention of his deleted post. And in the next month or so, Kiel Phegley will post on a 4thLetter comment thread to say he tries, oh he tries so hard to be an ethical journalist. Try harder.

I get that he meant this as a joke and, probably, not in a hateful way. BUT, if he made jokes about the holocaust or used the n-word in a whole column, people would be rightfully outraged and might be calling for his removal as director. Just because his “humor” is directed at women and homosexuals does not make it less heinous. Thus, the outrage is understandable. People are calling for his removal from a job. They are not calling for his death. This is a legitimate reaction. If he made some of these comments in a corporate setting, he would be subject to disciplinary action including termination. Why shouldn’t the same standard apply here?

Neckbeards, all of you.

It’s stupid that most of the people arguing about this, specifically in favour of Gunn, are MALE.

Laurence J Sinclair

November 29, 2012 at 1:42 pm

Relevantly, where did he rate Gamora?

Some people are talking like he wrote a column making fun of women and gay people, which is completely not what happened here. And calling for his firing because of this column is NOT, NOT, NOT legitimate in any way.

Being fired because you wrote something that a bunch of bored people with a clear socio-political agenda (and not at all a liberal one) decided to mischaracterize and label hate-speech is not a natural, legitimate consequence in a supposedly free society.

Again, so we’re clear about this: Some people are projecting meaning (and in some cases completely distorting them) into a column that was clearly in no way meant to “offend” or belittle any group. Trying to get someone fired because you didn’t find his jokes funny is disgusting and dangerous, and the people who incite this kind of behavior are using supposed social causes to suppress speach. And that’s not justifiable! Ever!

Holly, he made jokes about male characters too. And even if he hadn’t, why wouldn’t I be allowed in the conversation just because of my gender? Sounds a bit discriminatory…

It’s funny that anyone could think they are being rational when they complain that sexist or homophobic people aren’t treated with respect. Unfortunately, too many of the posters here make such asses of themselves defending clearly immoral views.

I don’t know if Gunn is just a bad writer or a bigot. But I do know that many of his posts are quite idiotic, hopefully meant in jest (at best).

But don’t defend bigotry as a sense of moral justice. Anyone who does this is just wrong (and maybe missing their own moral compasses…)

Don’t really know why people are so surprised at the fact that the least talented member of the TROMA crew is a ridiculous moron.

I didn’t think Gunn’s post was all that ridiculous, just stupid. But the comments on this site? They seriously make me want to build a pillow fort about six miles underground.

Daniel; I’m not saying that males do not deserve to participate in the conversation. In fact, they should. But the majority – and the worst – of comments were about female characters.

Overall, the article was much more offensive to females, but I do acknowledge that males may have been hurt by it too.
I never said that it was incorrect for males to participate in conversation about this; but rather that it’s strange how all the people standing up for Gunn tend to be male. While I do know that there are some guys who see the fault in Gunn’s actions, it’s disgusting that there are others who don’t; or that they even ACCEPT it.

For the people calling out for Gunn’s firing, remember: you really know what kind of battle you’re fighting when you have the religious judgmental crowd on your side.

I remember listing to him on The Nerdist and thinking he was kind of an asshole then too.

Holly, I’m not standing up for a man. I’m standing up for someone having his livelihood threatened because someone didn’t like (or get) a joke. It’s been happening far too often lately (and to females as well, go figure!) not just to comedians (or people making humor – whether you find it funny or not) but to artists in all areas. And it’s scary for some of us who make our living at creating things that the majority of people might not understand or like – or that some group with whatever agenda can use us to gain notoriety by making an example out of us or our work. Not to mention those who go further than trying to get you fired, but actually murder you, like what happened in Holland not that long ago.

Am I equating a group of religious fanatics killing a film director who made an “offensive” film denouncing the banality of spousal abuse in their religion, with a group of people trying to get a guy fired because of some jokes he made about men and women doing sexual things? Yes I am. Because it all comes from the same place, sorry.

And to be clear, I’m not standing against women or minorities (which include men, funnily enough) fighting for their rights. Quite the contrary. I just don’t think that the people who started (and most of those who signed) that petition are actually fighting for an equal and free society.

Don’t know the guy but so what? So the guy was bored and made a few”crude”jokes,we’ve all made one before and felt stupid for doing so, others not so much, if the guys made it this far into his career it’s because he got himself there, anyway, something that he posted two years ago doesn’t necessarily means he’s still the same or will tarnish the film in any way.

Also, after reading his jokes, a lot of them are pretty milquetoast and anyway, you shouldn’t lose a job for being rude to cartoons.

I haven’t gone through the comments, but I think he should just apologize, and we all should move on. To me the fact that he was blogging about comics should work in his favor even if he was writing offensive stuff. It shows his passion for the source material. I definitely think that he should not be fired.

I am so sick of people and their fake outrage. Go find something real to get riled up about. I wish you could put those idiots that signed the petition on a “Guardians of the Galaxy” no fly list so they are banned from the movie when it opens.

So far I’ve read from no.1 down to 22. Spider-Man. I haven’t detected anything sick, offensive, or wrong in his posts. What’s all the uproar about?

He’s merely using the poll as a means of criticising the over-sexualisation of superheroes in comics and providing sarcastic commentary on things that other comic book writers have done in bad taste, like — for example — when Tony Stark “cured” a female superhero (Spiderwoman? Can’t remember) of her lesbianism.

I dont believe that he should apologize. The man has done nothing wrong. All he did was post a few jokes. I doubt half of the people upset by this are truly upset. Rather they are more concerned with how their friends and neighbors might perceive them for not be offended.

There should be a petition against those insane lobbyists

Of those who think this was “all in fun” to make those obviously sexist and homophobic remarks I wonder how they’d feel if the remarks were racist? “Turn” a lesbian? C’mon, folks that’s not funny and should be considered offensive.

The poll is fine, his comments were sophmoric and offensive. Period.

Christian Patterson

November 29, 2012 at 5:42 pm

He obviously comes across as an unfunny jerk. If you can’t at least see why these jokes are offensive, then you probably are too. But it is completely absurd for people to try and get him fired. If it really bothers you that much, don’t see the movie.

And besides, a lot of people in America hold opinions like this. That’s not to say they are right, but it raises questions like, “well then why don’t you want your garbage man, or the guy who works graveyard shift at the nearest 7-Eleven fired?” those specific people might not hold the same beliefs as Gunn, but sure enough you encounter a lot of people who offer you services who share these beliefs.

I’ve never seen so many hetero white men telling the rest of the world what they can and can’t be offended about.

So…About the Gambit part;
Not wanting to have your balls in contact with another man’s=Homophobic??
Explain, please?

I’d like to know how many of CBR’s male editors actually WANT Gambit’s balls slapping theirs. Since when is not being gay equivalent to hating gay people?

I’m heartened by the comments though. The PC club is just going too far. His post wasn’t funny, imho, but big whoop. Tons of stuff isn’t funny to me, and tons of stuff is offensive to me. I live with it. If I don’t like it, I just don’t buy it.

I don’t think he should be fired, but his comments are juvenile misogynistic, homophobic, and out right stupid.

I think we should all question how he plans to present female or gay characters. I don’t think Moondragon is supposed to be part of the lineup but I would have serious concerns over his ability to present female and non-hetero characters as fully realized people.

darlarosa, have you seen any of his films? I know for sure the answer is no, but I asked anyway just to MAYBE make you think about how utterly ridiculous your comment was.

Raise your hand if you have never told a sexist joke.
Yeah as i thought. And now they have a petition online, really the people signing that should have their priorities checked.

I thought we didn’t want to hire or fire people based on their beliefs. I think he’s entitled to his opinion AND to work in his chosen field. I wouldn’t want a director fired for being pro-gay, so I wouldn’t want him fired for being anti-gay (if he is.)

Should have said something nasty about Christians or Republicans instead. He would have gotten kudos for exercising free speech. When with they ever learn?

While I don’t find it particularly funny I think it is on the same level of humor you see on Family Guy or Adult Swim which a lot of those complaining are perfectly fine with.

Hmm, I can definitely see what the article is talking about, but I’m surprised they posted this article here, at the very heart of comic book fandom. To expect the comic book fandom to see the women and gay’s point of view on this matter is like showing an article about interracial marriage on stormfront and expecting them to side with interracial marriage, aka, it’s not going to happen.

In the end, the only way this behavior is going to change is if you change essentially the very source of the demographic, by that meaning adding more women, gays, minorities, etc, only then will people have the power to change things, as we saw with the latest presidential election.

I can’t believe anyone would stick up for a guy who writes things such as this. What is he 12 years old? And for the people who call it satire, they obviously have no idea what satire is. As for the people who say it’s not homophobic the Batwoman comment is downright disgusting. I find it terrifying that people can say any racist, sexist, or homophobic thing under the guise of humor and it’s ok.

Come on folks, PC police is going WAAAAAY too far once more. Just some jokes, some not funny some kind of semi-funny but come on. Grow a sense of humor and learn to put things in perspective. What a load of crap to try to get him fired for making some jokes. THAT is what makes me sick.

Fooking fools and idiots….

the mans a director, all he owes “you” is movies… do you know what your doctors views are on homosexuality? The bank tellers? His personal life and opinions are just that, personal, you dont like’m, too effing bad… call for him to get fired if he makes shitty movies, as a director that is ALL he owes you, and all that should be considered… its like lemmings not watching Tom Cruises movies because they dont like scientology… so utterly ridiculous it teeters on the edge of “plz, go kill yourself”

So many neckbeards, there is no chance of legitimate conversation.

Neckbeards are similar to human beings except that they are cowards and completely devoid of empathy or any sense of responsibility to a community outside of their caves. There is no reasoning with these creatures. Fortunately, they rarely breed. The best course of action is to wait them out.

@Bafman – Word!

@Nate Hoover – You poor guy. I hope you never have to hear a Goerge Carlin sketch or watch a Kevin Smith, you poor misled thin-skinned sap.

*George / *Kevin Smith movie

@Evan Kevin Smith is a talentless hack and as for George Carlin I don’t recall him spouting homophobic, sexist drivel.

I’d love to be a wealthy “talentless hack” like Kevin, making movies, writing comics, recording podcasts, hosting an AMC show, i.e. basically doing whatever he wants, day in, day out.. Sounds like he’s done well to me. What have you accomplished?

@Evan I don’t smoke copious amounts of marijuana nor am i 12 years old, so i don’t enjoy his work but to each his own. Just keep standing up for people using hate speech cuz it’s “funny” way to go.

I think it’s cute you feel so strongly for make-believe personalities like Kitty Pryde and Gambit. Really, it’s touching. And I’ve never smoked pot in my lifetime and I’m older than you.

Your right i’m wrong Batwoman is make believe, so clearly there is no problem about making jokes about rape and such.

This kind of stuff is nothing new. ’70s comedies (sitcoms and motion pictures) frequently contained politically incorrect humor and nobody pissed their pants unless their idea of an edgy show was one about a talking horse.

Dc should hire Gunn to help with their misogynistic New 52.

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