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Hawkeye runs out of arrows in Saturday Night Live’s Avengers spoof

The Avengers star Jeremy Renner hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, bringing with him not only a ratings boost — it was the second-highest rated episode of the season — but also a send-up of Marvel’s $1.5 billion blockbuster. The skit lampoons Hawkeye’s contributions to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as the archer runs out of arrows at a crucial time in their battle against the Chitauri. “I’m all out of arrows, I don’t have any more,” Hawkeye says. “So, uh, I guess I’m done, right? All right, I’ll be in the car. Stay safe!”



only usa, huh? that sucks

The Boy With A Herve Villechaize Tattoo

November 19, 2012 at 8:15 am

That made me laugh and all, but I have to say that I felt it went on way too long.
Should have just been one of their filmed movie trailer parodies that would go on for anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute, tops.

That was terrible. I think only Sudekis and the guy playing the Hulk came out of that with their dignity.

down with geolocking! geolocking sucks!

This was one of my favorite skits from last night’s show, right after the Coroners. It was hilarious how they made a point to show that Hawk Eye seemed to be a character that didn’t stand out in the movie. I was working late at DISH last night, so I couldn’t see the show live on TV. I was able to see the show this morning on DISH Online, though. It was pretty great! I sure hope he hosts again in the future, and I can’t wait to see the new things he has coming up in the future.

Uh, I’m a bit confused. Was that supposed to be funny?

Too bad we cant watch it in Canada =/

how the FUCK is SNL still on the air? does anyone think this shit is funny? god fucking damnit!

There is no competition, there is no democracy, there is no creativity, there is no soul in america. SNL can stay on the air forever. Content does not matter. Its all one whole big commercial… including the commercial breaks.

Johnny Sarcastic

November 19, 2012 at 3:09 pm

SNL is consistently better than most of the garbage on television, especially considering how much “reality” TV there is.

This particular episode was one of the worse ones I’ve seen lately (sorry, Mr. Renner). A couple of weeks ago, Louis C.K. was the host and was pretty great, and – although I loathe Family Guy – Seth MacFarlane hosted earlier this season and the episode was pretty much a riot (a great skit in there for anyone who’s ever even seen Gangham Style).

That was possibly the least funny thing I’ve ever seen. It was anti-funny. The three or four lines which bordered on amusing were immediately crushed by the funeral march of unfunny that came after them. If the actors had been handed costumes and told to improvise a sketch on the fly with no written dialogue, it could not have been less funny than that.

I found the episode in which they lampooned the death of Superman and Sinbad played Black Lightning, even though nobody knew who he was at the funeral. You had Dana Carvey playing a mourful Batman, crying his eyes out and Chris Farley as the Hulk giving a touching eulogy. Also, Al Franken played Lex Luthor.

Now, that was funny!

Are people saying it’s not funny because they genuinely think it’s not funny or are they mad SNL dared to make fun of their precious “greatest movie ever created” The Avengers. Pretty sure people would think it was funny if they made fun of Batman and TDKR. Oh and like someone else said SNL is A LOT better than a lot of the crap on TV today, the only thing overrated about it is the amount of hate it gets.

@Roger Sterling: It was unfunny because it was unfunny.

He’s something funny that made fun of the Avengers:

I just wrote a paper which posited that the whole “let’s all work as a team” message of Avengers is all BS.

So nope, don’t think it’s some sort of scared cow. Just like I don’t believe ANY movie is, even movies I actually like. Which is why I enjoy Rifftrax and HISHE.

And this sketch was terrible.

I can’t comment on the sketch because I live in the wrong country but SNL has often been hit and miss. Heck. Saturday Morning Watchmen parodies the comic more than the movie (not sure if the parody prceeeded the movie or not) and Watchmen the comic is as sacred a cow as comics have. People generally will like parodies of stuff they like if it’s done right.

Here’s a sequence from the Avengers movie done silent movie style (don’t watch if you haven’t seen the movie because it’s definitely into spoiler territory).

Heck, SNL itself has been the subject of parodies. Make it funny enough and people will laugh

D’oh! That should have been “sacred cow.” :(

It’s not funny because there’s nothing funny in it.
The few good bits are draged down by the slow, lifeless, pacing.
The “How-it-should-have-ended” parody is great.

Come on people, this was pretty funny. Granted, it went on a bit too long and some of the characters weren’t that funny (Hulk, Black Widow). I love how his quiver only holds 11 arrows, or “12 if I really cram them in there”. Sudekis’ reaction to Hawkeye was pretty funny too. For an SNL sketch, this was pretty good.

I just wish we had an appearance by Garret Morris as Antman again.

It was almost like they didn’t rehearse at all. Everyone stumbled over their lines, the sound effects were all over the place, and the physical humor fell totally flat. Hulk throwing Hawkeye around could have been great if it had been cut tighter.

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