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Jemma Salume divulges real dangers of ‘Fake Geek Girls’

In recent weeks we’ve seen a firestorm emerge after a few lone voices on the comics Internet talked about a mythical “fake geek girl” and how they believe them to be a bane to fandom. Pundits have come out on both sides of the fence, but it wasn’t until cartoonist Jemma Salume came forward that we saw the real dangers in her strip, “FFG.” Be warned, here it is:




And that’s why I never read comics in tall grassy fields.

@BitBite Now I know why I should!

What do we “real” geek girls do in the wild? Lounge around under the trees?

Thank you, Jemma Salume, for publicizing this very real danger.

You know we have a pathetic culture when half of us are raging against hot women dressed as Thor.

Great strip, by the way.

It’s no different than any other clique. Guys that don’t like the “Fake Geek Girl” often feel like they don’t have a chance with her any so they belittle her. God forbid that she has a boyfriend that’s a “jock” or something. Women that hate her feel she is invading “their” territory maybe because she’s pretty or whatever. It all comes down to inferiority and jealousy and those qualities will always exclude those who are different in ANY group of people. Luckily I only see this kind of hate for the “Fakes” on the internet and not in the circles that I’m part of in daily life.

Did the comic book survive?

I don’t know which I despise more: The sad ass-hats that don’t think women (or attractive women) can legitimately enjoy reading comics, or the white knights that think because they stand up for “fem-nerd” rights they will somehow magically get laid. This is why conversations shouldn’t take place with any anonymity.

The comic strip is awesome though. That pose made me spill my coffee from laughing.

What was the cgc rating of that comic book?!

The second to last panel on the first page kind of looks like she’s eating her cape…

Isn’t it basically annoying if someone feigns to like something you do? It’s like false advertising.

That or, is rage directed against genuine geek girls for not conforming to geek stereotypes in entire life, such as jock-dating?

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