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Kickstart My Art | Peter Pan graphic novel by Renae De Liz

As they teased back in September, Renae De Liz (The Last Unicorn, Womanthology) and her husband Ray Dillon (Servant of the Bones, The Last Unicorn) have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a graphic-novel adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.

“The original story is one of the most beautiful, inspired things I have ever read, and I hope to convey that beauty to the best of my abilities into this graphic novel,” De Liz writes on the project’s Kickstarter page. “I also intend to further explore Peter Pan and Captain Hook’s backstory by adapting parts from J.M Barrie’s The Little White Bird  ( prequel to Peter and Wendy) and a little known informations given by Barrie about Jas. Hook into the story.”

They’re seeking a rather sizable amount — $48,000 — to fund production of the first of three planned volumes, which will be released by IDW Publishing. Pledge incentives range from a copy of the 90-page Peter Pan: The Companion Guide to signed editions to an appearance as a background character in one or more panels. Just a day into the campaign, they’ve already raised $6,424.



The artwork is incredibly beautiful (and I like their Peter Pan logo), I wish them good luck. It’s very hard to pull off these kickstarter campaigns without it sounding like hokey politics. One really needs to carefully consider their marketing strategy and language so that they aren’t providing desperate sounding mission statements like: “…the most beautiful, inspired things I have ever read, and I hope to convey that beauty to the best of my abilities into this…”

Still, the creative team behind this is very talented and hopefully they meet that high pledge quote in time.

A lot people still haven’t received their Womanthology copies from these two creators, and that Kickstarter campaign was nearly two years ago. Dealing with both of these people to get my copy — which I still haven’t got — has been nothing short of a hassle with excuse after excuse. Maybe this project will be different, but I won’t be donating to find out.

Thanks so much for your continued support ROBOT 6!!

@George – Renae absolutely means that. Sure she’s my wife, but she’s also the most sincere person I’ve ever known. She’s definitely not a sales-person by nature.

@Anoneemous – I understand your thoughts here. Womanthology was a whole different beast and our biggest hurdle has been shipping. The book has been done for quite a while now. We’re not doing the shipping ourselves, but coordinating with IDW’s shipping company to get the copies out. Unfortunately a quite a few, especially international copies haven’t made it to their destinations, but are now starting to show up and we’re checking back in all the time to make sure they have the right addresses and such. The other issue are circuit editions and sketch editions which take a long time to ship to all the creators signing and sketching, the to the backers. The creators have donated their time and it’s hard to find time for that sort of thing in a busy professional schedule. But again, you WILL get your copy. Very sorry for your wait. The number of backers waiting has diminished a lot in the last few weeks.

I also would like to point out you did more than just order a book, you helped get 150 women published at IDW starting a lot of careers and helped raise $35,000 for charity. Hopefully that makes the wait worth it. You did a great thing.

The difference with Peter Pan: It’s just Renae and I creating, printing, and shipping ourselves. Simplify the whole process.

If anyone else has any questions or concerns I’m happy to discuss them with you.

Thank you for your support! This project really does mean a lot to us and will be our first time not just doing a one-time work-for-hire project. And we really do love Peter Pan! :)


Peter Pan’s been a personal dream project for many years now, and I’m so incredibly happy to be able to start working on it finally! And YES thanks to Robot 6 yet again for being so supportive!! :)

Anoneemous – I’m sorry but that is untrue. There absolutely are not a lot of people waiting on Womanthology books. Out of 1400 books bought as rewards there are about 20 (mostly International) copies that keep getting lost, abandoned, caught by customs, have wrong addresses and have to be resent repeatedly only to have the same thing happen. Other than that, there are some art/signed editions that were severely delayed because of my hospitalization and recovery in June-September, of which I could not avoid. I have never shown anything but a sincere desire to complete any responsibilities, and I will not stop until everything is complete.

I have happily given over a year of my life to Womanthology in the name of doing something positive and good and it’s been a wonderful experience, but now my responsibility for that is near completion, and I feel confident it’s time to move my life forward again. And in doing so will in no way, shape or form prevent me from continuing to try and deliver any remaining books.

Thank you! :)

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