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Mike Mignola’s Skeleton-Head gets his own wine

Mike Mignola completists (and wine enthusiasts), does the Mortal Vitner have something for you: a 2010 Skeleton-Head Syrah, complete with a label drawn by Mignola himself.

The Dayton, Washington-based company, which also has wines like Veillantif, Ghost and Flying Corpse, will make offer Skeleton-Head for pre-sale beginning next week; it will be released in time for Christmas, with the bottles signed by Mignola and winemaker Reggie Mace. An announcement will be made on the Mortal Vitner’s Facebook page when the online store goes live.



Sweet. So we’ve got this, the Charles Burns beer and the soda from the mid 90’s with Wildstorm labels. Getting classier by the decade. Chew should also have a wine.
So…need some bottles in Norway.

My kind of comic news.

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