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Old graphic novels live again — as the Avengers

My good friend Robin Brenner is an expert on graphic novels (she’s a former Eisner Awards judge) and the young-adult librarian at the Brookline, Massachusetts, public library. She’s also very clever with her hands, as you can see from these book hedgehogs she made from discarded books.

The basic algorithm for making book hedgehogs is pretty simple, but Robin took it a step further and came up with a whole array of personalized hedgehogs based on comics characters. Here are some close-ups, including the tiny bow and arrows for the Hawkeye hedgehog, and here is a gallery of more characters. It’s amazing what you can do with an old book, some duct tape, and plenty of imagination!



Where’s the Green Arrow?

“…as the Avengers”

Just to clarify for you, Green Arrow is NOT a member of the Avengers nor is he a member of the same shared universe. (The Avengers = Marvel Comics — Green Arrow = DC Comics).

Consider yourself properly trolled…

Where’s Wonder Woman?

Some people are soooo easy to screw with!

I live right next to Brookline! Walk by the library there almost every week on my way to my LCS. I’ll have to make a point of dropping in to see the gallery. So good to see librarians reveling in their own personal love of reading and books – no better way to inspire kids to pick up a book.

I’m so excited to see these featured here! Thanks, Brigid.

If any of you ARE near Brookline, the hedgehogs are currently on display on the main floor in our exhibition cases, so feel free to drop by. Introduce yourself at the Reference desk and say hello!

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