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Quote of the Day #2 | Faith Erin Hicks on the importance of editors

“Good editors are your partners in making good comics. They are on your side. They are the trained second pair of eyes who look at your stories without the baggage you bring to them (sometimes, sadly, artists can get too close to the comic they’ve been working on for years, and not see the occasional story snarl or character breakdown), and challenge you to make your comic the best it can be. They point out when a comic panel doesn’t read properly, when a character looks off-model, and sometimes they’ll even give you notes like ‘this looks awesome!!!’ with little hearts drawn in the margins. Good editors are worth their weight in gold.”

Faith Erin Hicks, on why she prefers to work with an editor

Of course, I’m biased because I was an editor before I was a writer, but I think Faith hits the nail on the head here. Everything is improved by a second set of eyes. The whole piece is worth reading, because Faith talks about the sort of discussions she has with her editor and what she is and isn’t willing to change.



She’s absolutely right. No question about it.

She’s absolutely right about “good” editors.

And bad editors dictate the plot, muddle with the writer’s words, choose inappropriate artists, and feel the need to inflict their “two cents” upon the publication. For example: how editor Bob Harras fired Chris Claremont, the guiding force of the X-Men, and in less than a year the X-Men franchise was an unreadable morass.

There’s probably a very interesting comparison to be made between editors on creator-owned comics and editors on work for hire comics. However, I can’t make it because up until this point (I’m now on a work for hire project), I’ve only dealt with editors in a creator-owned capacity. My impression of editors on superhero comics is that they *are* a little more like bosses, but again, I can’t say. I’ve never drawn a superhero comic other than my own.

Yes, absolutely right…. except in all those cases when its absolutely wrong, like every fine artist, painter, poet and most likely every independent film director and musician you like, not to mention every single underground comics artist in the history of the genre. Would Crumb or Panter or Los Bros Hernandez been “improved” by a second set of eyes? Give me a break.

Well, yes, I took it as a given were talking about good editors in this case, considering the fact that’s the very first word of her quote. C’mon now.

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