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Quote of the Day | Brian Bendis feels like he’s won something

“Not to sound like a doofus, but as of tomorrow I am officially an X-writer and I couldn’t be more honored. I feel like I’ve won something. I used to work behind the counter at Super City Comics in Cleveland. We would argue X-Men all day — as of tomorrow all arguments … won! Switching from Avengers to X-writer isn’t just some new gig. It’s a complete brain change. My entire psyche feels different. Scary. Exciting.”

– writer Brian Michael Bendis, looking forward to the Wednesday debut of Marvel’s All-New X-Men



Oh, Mr Bendis, don’t be such a doofus.


November 13, 2012 at 3:03 pm

That entire quote was fit into one panel and spoken by like 6 characters.

RSMike for the win.

Brain Bendis: “Yes, I am Comic Book Guy, AND I’M NOW WRITING THE X-MEN. Ha… Ha… Ha.”

Not buying his enthusiasm. I mean, this guy can only write Daredevil and “street characters”. Does anyone know if he was this “enthusiastic” about Avengers – ’cause he spent 10 years ruining those characters.

- uh, forgot to add before i clicked return – I just don’t buy that he’s into the X-Men and always has been. Is he going to turn around in Feb and say “oooh I was always into Guardians of the Galaxy” too? He said the same thing about Spider-Woman and yet look at how he ruined that character!

Yeah Marvel kept him on Avengers for a decade so he could ruin it. Makes perfect business sense. SMH.

I don’t understand how people can say he ruined any of those characters. He gave more depth to Spiderwoman than she’s ever had before and he made The Avengers the biggest selling comic of the decade. Why is it so hard to believe he really likes Avengers and X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy? Is a guy not allowed to be a big fun of more than 1 comic?

Bendis ruined the Avengers. He urinated on all the work that came before him. Sure, one can argue “but Bendis’s Avengers is the biggest selling comic” but McDonald’s sells the most junk food and it still doesn’t make it steak. And the top-selling music these days is barely musical. “Top-selling” is an adjective that only has meaning for accountants.

Bendis says he feels like he “won something” by getting to write the X-Men. I believe all us Marvel true-believers LOST something — something very beautiful — when Bendis got his mitts on the Avengers. He can’t do any worse with the X-Men. For example, he can’t shoe-horn Wolverine into the X-Men, because he already is one.

hey bendis haters…………… stfu. Let the man have his moment. Everything is not about how much you’ve invested in your hobbies.

He needs to put out Powers more regularly.

I’m still confused on what he’s ruined? Wanda’s back, Janet’s back, Vision’s back, Hawkeye came back and got more attention than he’s gotten in years. It looks like he’s left everything better than when he found it.

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