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Quote of the Day | Ed Brubaker on the appeal of work-for-hire

Captain America #19

“The appeal of work-for-hire is a few things — you get paid well for writing comics, and your work gets seen by a pretty wide audience that might not have ever heard of you otherwise. And sometimes, you’re a fan of the character, like I was with Cap, and you get to sort of be the caretaker of them for a while. That really meant more to me than I even realized, until I was done.”

Ed Brubaker, discussing work-for-hire and his epic eight-year run on Captain America, which came to a close last week



Basically the reason I want to write the X-Men books no matter how much crap I’d have to deal with from editors, the unfair contracts (which I would always have a lawyer take a look at first because I’m not a moron), and the flack I’d get from indy-zombies calling me a sellout. I love the X-Men, I think I have stories worth telling with them, and I want to do my part to contribute quality stories to they mythos. The paycheck is last on my list of things I give a shit about.

Brubaker, I may have hated your X-Men run, but props on being one of the few people to defend the work for hire guys; people who think they have the right to judge them can piss off.

If you hated his X-Men work, read the whole linked interview: you’ll probably get a kick out of seeing why Brubaker himself thinks he’s not cut out to write team books. I thought it was pretty interesting/funny, anyway.

@ Jason

Didn’t have time to read the whole interview but I did read the bit you were referring to, and yeah, that explains a lot lol

Also, he and I have a VERY similar writing process – we both write lots of notes and need a huge chunk of the story figured out in our heads before we even think about starting to write (and a large part of those notes is figuring out all the beats the story has to hit). So yeah, I may not like one run he’s done, but he’s a talented guy I can empathize with. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would say the same thing about Joe Casey lol

And what a fine caretaker you were, Mr. Brubaker.
Bless you for not forcing Spider-Man and Wolverine into Cap’s book.

Wow, a successful indie creator who is actually grateful to marvel for investing time and money for him to make a name for himself. Awesome Ed!

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