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Quote of the Day | Superman, ‘the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes’

“It’s a more serious version of Superman. It’s not like a heart attack. We took the mythology seriously. We take him as a character seriously. I believe the movie would appeal to anyone. I think that you’re going to see a Superman you’ve never seen before. We approached it as though no other films had been made. He’s the king-daddy. Honestly that’s why I wanted to do it. I’m interested in Superman because he’s the father of all superheroes. He’s this amazing ambassador for all superheroes. What was it about him that cracked the code that made pop culture embrace this other mythology? What we‘ve made as a film not only examines that but is also an amazing adventure story. It’s been an honor to work on. As a comic book fan, Superman is like the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes. I wanted to be sure the movie treated it respectfully.”

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, discussing his upcoming reboot of Warner Bros.’ Superman franchise, as well as his 2009 adaptation of Watchmen



I hope “seriously” doesn’t translate to “joylessly” (even though I’m pretty positive it will)


@Chris Jones:
A joyful Zach Snyder film?
Don’t hold your breath. (I won’t be.)

Superman oughta be fun, but it seems they forget that in the movies.

I hope they don’t make Superman grim and gritty. The world doesn’t need an emo Superman.

I hope they stick with the traditional costume and ignore Jim Lee’s temporary costume designs.

I don’t hope this movie is good.

I hope this movie is GREAT.

@ Jake, you do realize Cavill’s costume doesn’t have the trunks, right?

I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if a million fans of the Silver Age cried out, not in silence but as loudly as they could.

@Michael Sacal:
That makes sense. In A New Hope the quote is that the people “cried out in terror, and THEN were suddenly silenced.”
As far as I know, this quote doesn’t have the power to kill anything. Except possibly our enthusiasm for the movie.

Nice ‘mission statement’ made by Snyder to make sure the Hall H crowd fall in behind him and support his new cinematic version of the character after Bryan Singer’s creepy Donner reboot—- an all-new, never-before-seen
Superman? F*CK YEAH!!

And also to curry interest from the general non-comics-reading movie-going audience to check out this ‘serious’ take of the familiar capes-and-tights icon—- remember Christopher Nolan’s BATMANs? Yeah, this’ll be just like THAT!!

“Awesome” quote. Hope the movie made rises above expectations…

‘He’s the king-daddy’

Well, that’s true.
Who’s you daddy (DC/Marvel)?

Fvck yeah……… SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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