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Quote of the Day | ‘The Year of Image Comics’

“Between the New 52, Before Watchmen, and Marvel Now!, 2012 has been an exhilarating year for mainstream comics, but none of these events have been as thrilling as the creative renaissance at Image Comics. High-profile launches from Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brubaker, and Brandon Graham have given readers riveting stories unlike anything at Marvel or DC, and these titles have expanded the publisher’s brand to satisfy a more diverse audience. No new book has done that as well as Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga, a science-fiction fantasy/war romance that’s part Shakespeare, part Star Wars, and all awesome. […] Across Image’s line, there’s a confidence in the storytelling that stems from total creative freedom. With no editorial interference, these creators are able to create the exact type of books they want to see, from the story contents to the production quality. That complete control breeds fearlessness, and these writers and artists are putting out stories that fully exhibit their imaginations. They’re paving new ground for the future of the industry. There’s no reason for comic books to be so strongly defined by superheroes, and Image has taken huge strides to build a library of titles that offers as broad a selection of genres as prose, film, or television.”

– The A.V. Club critic Oliver Sava, in his review of Saga #7 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples



Cannot forget the ongoing series Chew and Morning Glories that never cease to amaze. Also don’t sleep on Mind the Gap.

Image publishes a whole lot of really good books throughout a decently wide range of styles and genres.

My favourite is Paul Grist’s Mudman. It’s a shame not more people have discovered his work. Because the way a lot of people claim they want their mainstream super-heroes to be? That’s the kind of stuff he does. With better panel layout.

Well, I’m in complete agreement with Oliver Saga.

I’m pleased that he commented on production quality as well as the fine content. It’s something I also appreciate.

Mr. Sava, please excuse my image-centric ‘Freudian slip’.

That is as succinct a description of Image as I have seen recently. The running joke in my neck of the woods is that Image is the new Vertigo, but that’s a little off due to the fact that Vertigo titles kind of always feel like Vertigo titles these days (and for a case in point try out Dial H, part of the New 52 but edited by Vertigo stalwart Karen Berger…it FEELS like a Vertigo title.) whereas Image seems to be putting out a much wider range of concepts. They really are hitting on all cylinders these days.

I really agree with this. Prophet is f***** amazing. Glory is cool. Saga is the bees knees. Mind the Gap is awesome. Harvest? Sickening awesome. Chew, Walking Dead, Invincible, Point of Impact, Planetoid, Fatale, Happy, …….If Image is not the number one publisher of the year by all comic book industry types they aren’t seriously thinking. I can’t wait for Clone, Blackacre, Change, Comeback, the Emma Rios/Kelly Sue book…..

I saw Marvel Now and was not impressed. Bendis redoing Days of Future Past? Blah. Two X-Forces? A “new” Spider-man that will last probably a year or two until the next movie comes out….. The house of idea have diluted their brand like crazy. Wolverine was cool now he is everywhere. They really need to get their s*** together.

DC at least attempted something new and realized they needed to change something drastic. I look at my pull list and am amazed how everything is Image, IDW, DC, then Marvel. I literally cannot wait for SAGA every month. The ability to create with restraints is so amazing. Image all the way

I’m damn near Image exclusive when it comes to my reading habits nowadays. Aside from the titles mentioned, Skullkickers and The Manhattan Projects are also worthy of more attention.

Image has to have the best batting average of all of the big & mid sized publishers…
Even with the titles that dont work for me, I can still recognize the quality of those books.

Hell yeah!

Image is my haven for the boldest comics right now.

Don’t forget the friggin’ SKULLKICKERS!

“Between the New 52, Before Watchmen, and Marvel Now, 2012 has been an exhilarating year for mainstream comics”

Exhilarating? The New 52, Before Watchmen, and Marvel Now remind me of the time a drunk puked on my new shoes. They never did smell right after that.

You know what’s funny about that statement of Sava’s? It’s ironic considering that when Image started out, they originally made and published NOTHING but superhero comics!!!

If Sava thinks that Before Watchmen, the new 52 and Marvel Now are what’s making comics exhilarating, then may God have mercy on comics. 2011-2012 has been, for me, the absolute death knell of mainstream superhero comics. Gone is any attempt at coherency or intelligence, but rather crass commercialism and naked corporatism. Fuck the Big Two. Love live the indies and semi-indies!

I’m not totally disagreeing with the sentiment, but that quote makes the article seem like a puff piece.

“2011-2012 has been, for me, the absolute death knell of mainstream superhero comics.”

Thanks, Matthew, for clarifying what I have been feeling.


November 19, 2012 at 8:49 am

“Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga, a science-fiction fantasy/war romance that’s part Shakespeare, part Star Wars, and all awesome.” Really? Have you ever read a book before? This is so ignorant.

Saga is crap. Shakespeare? hardly Oliver, you need to read actual books my friend. The dialogue in Saga is so unrelentingly corny…ugh, what is wrong with the comics world?

Saga is pretty much what a 4 year old could come up with: rocket tree spaceships, half goat race, ghosts, television head dudes…seriously, there is nothing particularly engaging about this story of space hipsters.

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