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Quote of the Day | ‘You pee your pants because you know your life is likely over’

“The great thing about the Hulk is that, as we saw in the Avengers movie, I don’t care if you’re 300 yards away when he changes. You pee your pants because you know your life is likely over, whether you’re his friend or his enemy. It’s like being in the middle of a lightning storm — you just don’t know. And I never want to lose sight of that sense of danger to the book.”

Mark Waid, discussing the Green Goliath as a force of nature, and a weapon of mass destruction, in Marvel’s Indestructible Hulk, which debuts today



Is Mark talking about villains? I thought Marvel never discussed whether people died in Hulk rampages, prior to that business a few years back about a subconscious Bruce Banner calculating how not to land on someone’s head?

Anyway, I have Indestructible Hulk, I’m looking forward to seeing Mark’s take.

He’s just talking in the broad sense of how one would feel if you saw this giant green monster charging towards you. He’s not offering commentary on past continuity or anything.

Too bad they couldn’t find a decent artist for Mark Waid’s new Hulk comic. I really wanted to buy it, but I couldn’t allow myself to pay money for those unfinished sketches that Leinil Yu pretends is finished art.

man, i don’t know what hulk book you were reading, but Yu did some stellar work in issue 1. and i wasn’t a fan of his at first either… stuff definitely looked finished to me, though.

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