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Seattle’s Ltd. gallery hosts comics-heavy ‘Pop! 2′ exhibit

Bruce Yan's "I Heart Gotham"

The Seattle art gallery Ltd. celebrated its first anniversary Thursday with the opening of “Pop! 2,” an exhibit in which assorted artists tackle characters from movies, games, television, music and comics.

The exhibition features the work of many illustrators paying tribute to classic comics icons, and work available there also includes a couple of comics artists drawing characters from the realm of computer games from the previous show “Press Start” and more comics-related work from March’s “Mint Condition.” Some striking stuff, and most pieces are available as prints from the gallery. More work below.

Dane Ault's "B.P.R.D. Bump Back"

Andrew Kolb's "XOXO, Gwen"

Andrew Kolb's "XOXO, MJ"

Mike Avon Oeming's "Zelda" from September's Press Start exhibition

Ryan Benjamin's "Gears Of War" from Press Start

Mikeatron's "Still Life with Deadpool and Unicorn" from March's Mint Condition exhibition

Andrew Wilson's "Avengers Unite" from Mint Condition


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