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SuperF*ckers now available to watch and wear

Ultra Richard

SuperF*ckers made its animated debut today on the Cartoon Hangover site. Based on the comics by James Kochalka published several years ago by Top Shelf, it features, as Kevin noted earlier this week, “teen superheroes doing, and saying, bad and occasionally disgusting things.” And some very funny things.

A censored version of the first episode can be found below, and you can watch the uncensored version on YouTube. Neither one of them are really safe for work, though, so put your headphones on before watching.

In addition, once you’ve enjoyed the cartoon, you can buy the merch … WeLoveFine has a whole Cartoon Hangover section on their site now, featuring the SuperF*cker characters, and to celebrate the show’s premiere, the above shirt featuring Ultra Richard is their deal of the day. They’ve also got one featuring Jack Krak that’s tied to the first episode. You can find images of some of them below.

Ultra Richard



Hello, Bitches



So… it’s Bravest Warriors only more mean-spirited, vulgar and degrading?
Yeah, uh-huh.

I’ll get back to watching BW’s, new ep “Butter Lettuce” kthnxbye.

Rather, Bravest Warriors is a tamer version of this. They’re both good, just targetted at different audiences.

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