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The case of Li’l Gotham and the magically changing Batgirl costume [Updated]

While some are pointing to changes to a Batgirl costume in the digital-first Li’l Gotham comic as further evidence of behind-the-scenes hijinks designed to erase Stephanie Brown from DC Comics, the truth may less conspiratorial — if still a little odd.

Bleeding Cool pointed out this morning that a panel from the Dustin Nguyen/Derek Fridolfs story had been altered from the preview released early Wednesday. In the original version, a blonde girl can be seen among the trick-or-treaters dressed in what’s unmistakably a Stephanie Brown-Batgirl costume. However, in a second version posted on the website, the same girl is shown now with dark hair but without the purple stripe familiar to Stephanie fans, leading Bleeding Cool to conclude, “Yup, in the DC Universe, not even little kids are allowed to dress up as Stephanie Brown.”

But in the comic downloaded this morning by Robot 6 (below), the purple stripe remains, clearly marking the costume as Stephanie Brown’s. Still, it’s definitely odd, particularly considering that the ash-colored hair is almost indistinguishable from the mask. Of course, why that figure was the only one on the page changed is a bit of a mystery — as is why there are seemingly two edited versions of the panel floating around.

We’ve reached out DC Comics for clarification, but the offices are closed because of Superstorm Sandy, so it may take a while for a response.

Update (9:25 a.m.): It appears the panel posted at Bleeding Cool is fake. The girl’s hair color was changed from the time of the preview’s release, as Robot 6’s downloaded image shows, but not her costume.

The "Li'l Gotham" panel as seen in the preview

The "Li'l Gotham" panel posted by Bleeding Cool

The "Li'l Gotham" panel downloaded by Robot 6



Someone in the comments over at BC has already pointed out that this is a fake.

They certainly have this weird vendetta against Stephanie Brown, don’t they? According to their current continuity, lots of the other costumes never existed either, like Jay Gerrick there. And everyone has completely forgotten about Booster Gold’s unfortunate sidekick Big Belly Burger Boy.

I downloaded the issue yesterday. it was very fun, and I’m happy i downloaded it. But…

Steph’s hair is still black in my copy. Why change it? People are interested in seeing her. Every time DC does something like this, it seems to prove that someone in their office has some sort of vendetta on the other Batgirls. I miss Cassandra Cain, and I really want to learn more about Stephanie Brown too, but it’s hard to find her stuff.( I was brought in with the N52, and bought back issues of Cass. It is one of my favorite things now).

The cool thing about the Stephanists is that they’ve completely taken the spotlight away from the skirted Wonder costume!

I thought it seemed too crazy that DC would go THAT far to wipe out Stephanie Brown from existence.

Given I broke the story at FIRST. When I first read this at comixlogy this didn’t even register until I saw the preview and noticed the change on BC with the hair. This has gotten to the point were the absurdity is getting hilarious yet also said absurd. Why do this? Why be this petty?

For the love of god… *facepalm*

Didio, get over yourself or push off back to the Daytime arena you came from 30 years ago. I’m sure CBS or ABC would love for you to wreck havoc on Y&R or General Hospital.

Stephanie Brownies are the new H.E.A.T.

@ Squashua except they’re not demanding a new character to be killed off.

Remember, H.E.A.T. not only wanted Hal back, but wanted Kyle Rayner dead. They got the former back but the latter request got denied. Kyle’s got the last laugh.

If you think we “Stephanists” (that’s a new one!) are crazy, we can always point to DC editorial. Now that’s crazy!

I understand DC doing this. They are trying to create a consistent and cohesive universe. In the reboot, there never was a Stephanie Brown Batgirl, so any depiction in their new universe of a character that is supposed to never have existed would be wrong. DC will no doubt reintroduce her as a new hero when the moment is right. She’ll never be Batgirl again (the new books sales are quite solid, often with her being the best selling female led title being published) – and I don’t think they’ll tie Stephanie into Babs as closely as in the past, but I’ve no doubt she’ll pop up before long.

Chris, DC’s never been consistent nor will they ever be.

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