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The Goon Kickstarter campaign gets funded with $441,900

The Kickstarter campaign to fund a feature-length story reel for the stalled CGI-animated adaptation of The Goon ended successfully Sunday, exceeding its $400,000 goal by $41,900.

“Frankly, we don’t have the words to describe our APPRECIATION, Goon Fans,” the message on the Kickstarter page states. “We NEVER could have imagined how much SUPPORT we’d receive from this fan community. It’s truly been OVERWHELMING. Through your time, energy, dedication, and donations, you’ve given us an AMAZING opportunity to help keep The Goon Movie dream alive.”

That dream dates back to at least 2008, when it was announced that producer David Fincher and Blur Studio would adapt the acclaimed comic by Eric Powell. Progress soon stalled, however, as financing proved difficult. Test footage, featuring the voices of Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti, was at last revealed last year, giving fans hope the project might eventually see the light of day. With few additional signs of movement, Powell gave in to pressure and revealed at Comic-Con International he would turn to Kickstarter.

The result of the campaign won’t be the actual film; that budget is pegged at somewhere around $45 million. Instead the $441,900 will be used to finance a story reel to shop to studios.



Congrats to them. I did not contribute, since this does not guarantee a film actually gets made. But if it does, I’ll gladly and happily buy a couple tickets.

A guy with David Fincher’s money can’t toss a few hundred grand at a test reel for a property he claims to believe in? And people actually gave to this with almost no guarantee of seeing a movie result from them funding someone else’s studio shopping?

So why exactly is this story headlined as a Kickstarter funded instead of “Latest Hollywood Fraud Revealed”?

$45 f%^$&g million!?To really create it!?Some happy ending this article ended with!

In response to your comment Red Comet, apparently David Fincher and other participants have been throwing money at the project, in excess of the amount they raised. If I understand the commentary, part of the value in pursuing a Kickstarter comes down to demonstrating actual fan support for the project.

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