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This War Machine costume is the best cosplay you’re likely to see

Even if you’re not into cosplay, you have to admire the time and skill that went into creating this War Machine suit, which comes complete with opening and closing helmet, motorized weaponry and a glowing arc reactor. If you’re curious how the costume was made, Stefano Chiechi walks through the process on his YouTube page.

(via Blastr, The Daily What)



I’ve seen better. There is an Iron Man and a War Machine that were walking around Planet Comicon at Kansas City that looked better, had better sound effects, and they were playing music from the speakers that were built into the suit.

Not that this doesn’t look great, but your heading is basically an open invitation for comments like this.

legit laughed out loud^

To that first comment. I’ve actually seen those. They’re far from replicas. Those costumes look cartoonish looking.

This is truly a wearable replica. You obviously have no real eye in terms of what the thing should look like. It’s your own opinion though. I followed his vlog and I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t top notch like this.

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