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Wait, is that ROM in that Age of Ultron panel?

If it seems like only last week that we were looking back on Marvel’s 1980s sci-fi series ROM: Spaceknight, that’s because we were. Spurred by Hasbro’s new trademark filing for ROM, we summed up the inauspicious history of the Parker Brothers action figure, and the more successful — and more fondly remembered — comic book it spawned.

But no sooner had we left Galador and the Dire Wraiths behind than Comic Book Resources debuted art from Marvel’s Age of Ultron #2, by Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch. And right there on the massive two-page cork board, squeeze between photos of Doctor Strange and Wiccan, is none other than ROM, greatest of the Spaceknights!

Are the two things related? It’s certainly possible — after all, Marvel and Hasbro have had a long (and presumably profitable) relationship that continues to this day with Avengers and Superhero Squad action figures, giant plastic Hulk hands and the like. So who better than the House of Ideas to help revive that plastic relic of 1970s toy chests? However, it’s unlikely Marvel would plunk another company’s character into a major story event, particularly after it’s had to untangle its own creations from licensed properties over the decades (ROM, Micronauts, Godzilla, et al). It seems more probable that Bendis and Hitch are having a little fun, dropping a figure from Marvel’s past among some of its more prominent players. Still, though, an Easter egg like that is usually tucked away along the edges of a panel or a page, not smack-dab in the middle …



Also worth noting: in the Free Comic Book Day issue setting up this storyline, there is a suit of spaceknight armor. Maybe working out the rights to use Rom is the reason this story was delayed for so long.

ROM SPACEKNIGHT was the first comic book I collected on a regular basis that helped get me hooked onto the hobby. I still own my copies too.

I’d be THRILLED if they brought him back!!!

I have zero interest in this new series…but doggone it I want a ROM hardcover. Make this happen Marvel! :)

It’s a double page spread, so in a way it sorta is on the edge of the page. Worse, in hardcover it’ll probably be lost in the inseam altogether like so many other Bendis double pages.

The post-it to the left of ROM seems to say “Check on ALL Space Knights”. A picture AND a related note seems a bit much for a mere easter egg.

To the left of the ROM picture is a sticky note that appears to say “check on all space knights”….maybe we’ll be seeing more than one?

One can only hope that Team America is next.

I needs my SuperPro.

given hasbro would not trademark something if they would not have plans for it plus they do have the marvel toy license hope the little easter egg not only means rom is finaly coming back home to the mu proper but maybe the old material can finaly be reprinted too. since hasbro owns the company that released the original rom toy

My Trek geekness took over for a sec. I thought you meant Rom from Deep Space Nine. *forehead slap*

If the real ROM came back on even a semi-regular basis, I would be very pleased.

I’m still cheesed that the INCREDIBLE HULK: REGRESSION had to cut the 10 pages that Rom appeared in from issue #296. Instead, they gave us a cheesy summary that referred to the Hulk meeting “a cyborg.”

I’ll be even more cheesed if they rerelease the collection with the missing pages if the copyright has been resolved. Especially since I got it for $10 at a convention.

One of the best things about the Rom series is that it ended. I love stories that have a beginning, a middle, and an end. All those characters that go on and on without end — without their original creators — eventually get distorted into unrecognizable parodies like what has become of Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, etc.

Rom, you were great! May you rest in peace.

No one mentions that Deadpool is on that board twice? Ha ha.

More than likely A spaceknight will be in marvel books, just not ROM specifically.

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