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Watch Chris Ware discuss Building Stories on MSNBC’s The Cycle

In case you missed it during your holiday travels or dinner preparations, Chris Ware, whom co-host Touré introduced as “the greatest graphic novelist of all time,” appeared Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Cycle for a seven-minute-plus discussion of the genesis of Building Stories, the themes of his work, comics as “an art of memory,” his preference for the term “comic book” over “graphic novel,” and more.

“There’s a lack of pretentiousness to the word ‘comic book’ that I think suits the medium itself very, very nicely,” Ware said. “It’s a medium that allows for a direct connection between the reader and the artist in a way I think a lot of fine art does not. One is very apt to blame one’s ignorance of art in a museum. If you don’t understand a painting, you just think you don’t know much about the history of art, but if you don’t understand a comic book, you just think the comic artist is an idiot.

Watch the full segment below.

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Well, he sure dresses better than Geoff Johns when appearing on national media. Thanks for respecting the public enough to be in more than a baseball cap & t-shirt Chris!

If you put a photo of Chris Ware next to a photo of John Green, they look like the tragedy and comedy masks that hang outside theaters.

Sounds like Touré thinks “comic books” are beneath him.

Wow. Having just started watching the video, it appears that what Ware is doing in the screenshot above is his version of a smile.

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