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With a wink, Image Comics announces … Uncanny Skullkickers #1

Riding the “Uncanny” wave of new Marvel titles — Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-ForceSkullkickers creators Jim Zubkavich and Edward Huang have wryly announced the February arrival of … The Uncanny Skullkickers #1.

“A bold new direction!” the Image Comics solicitation promises. “A perfect jumping-on point! A newly added adjective! Our nineteeth issue, but also a new issue #1! It’s all here, people! Don’t make us use more exclamation marks!! P.S. Retailers: Rack this comic beside other ‘Uncanny’ comics you may have hanging around and sell a ton of copies. Do it.” The subsequently released teaser (above), parodies Marvel’s ubiquitous ads for its relaunched titles, with the “Join the Revolution” logo replaced by a box reading “YUP we went there.”

Image NOW! maybe? Hey, why not. “That’s how we roll … bandwagon-jumping bastards,” Zubkavich wrote this morning on Twitter, adding, “Wait until you see the variant cover.”

Speaking of covers: Note, too, that Chris Stevens’ cover (below) bears a striking similarity to those recently released by DC Comics for its Zero Month. The Uncanny Skullkickers #1 goes on sale Feb. 27.



Note, also, that something appears to be seriously wrong with that elf’s right hand.

This is pretty funny, though. Nice job, Image.

Why bother coming up with your own marketing scheme when you can keep looking like douchebags by ripping off the other guys’?
I enjoy far more Image comics than Marvel or DC these days, but come on guys…
Oh well.

There’s a big difference between ripping off and making fun of. I mean come on even the solicit is a joke.

Another Ian- So much anger!

Remember when comics were fun and people could enjoy the salesmanship/huckster element to selling “funny books”? Maybe you don’t. If that’s the case then I apologize.

Marvel and DC’s sales won’t suffer one iota from this terrifying and malicious assault on their global intellectual properties, I promise.


I actually wish Image did this more. It’s a company founded by guys taking a stand against the industry. “Snarky” is the new “creator’s rights movement” and this appeals to me.

If Image can do this what about trying to finish Image United. I thought that was suppose to be Image event to show the big two how an event suppose to be done. But they have time to do this That why Image’s hero suck.

Hate Crime-

Every Image central title (ie. not Skybound, TMP, Top Cow, etc.) is creator-owned and put together by their own independent creative team.

The Skullkickers team has absolutely nothing to do with Image United’s production schedule, deadlines, or release. The people making Image United have nothing to do with Skullkickers’ production schedule, deadlines or release. The only thing they share is that they have the Image ‘i’ on their cover and are wholly-owned by their creators. It’s not like the Big Two where there’s a large editorial and creative group overseeing production.

All the best,

Another Ian – I think it’s time to mount a search for your sense of humor. This is a funny way of making light of what the big two have been doing in the industry in the last year. No children or animals were harmed in the making of said parody!


You are a pimp amongst thieves! The book is amazing and this little send up is yet another reason why I love you, your creative team, and Image. Keep on keeping things fun and unique in comics!

So, no new Skullkickers until February? Bummer.

Don’t listen to all the hate Jim. Skullkickers is Fucking Awesome and as long you keep making it I'[ll keep buying it. Also I thought I should let you know that my niece wants a Skullkickers Cartoon and and a Shorty Plush. Get on it :)

Crowning Moment of Awesome

Michael Jamieson (ReZourceman)

November 16, 2012 at 10:43 am

A) Bloody love Skullkickers

B) Bloody love Image’s mocking of MARVEL marketing because its hilarious.

C) Hate MARVEL marketing, with an absolute passion. Yearly relaunches, price increases, unfair trade releasing, constant creative team changes, double shipping, the list goes on. Its why I used to get about 20 MARVEL titles a month, and found MARVEL NOW to be the PERFECT jumping off point. :) So I’ve cancelled everything, just down to Spidey, Ultimate Spidey and Uncanny Avengers. The whole NOW thing I just….really hate….its a crappy name too. “New 52″ is cool. “NOW!” sounds super lame.

D) Image rules.

E) Image FTW.

F) Super duper mega awesome.

Love it! This book is fantastic, everything about it.

Ha ha that’s amazing. I love every part of this.

I too am sick of everything Marvel is throwing into their campaign. The AR stuff is especially grating as is the Re-evolution crap. It’s just gotten ridiculous and more than obtuse.

It’s more that…this was the joke they did for the last “marketing” push Image had. Granted, Marvel and DC leave themselves open for it at every turn…but that’s the easy way out, man! BE BETTER THAN KIRKMAN, ZUB.
I am just surly today.


I’m kind of ashamed that the Marvel Now thing is pulling me in, but still I’ll keep buying lots of Image comics, Skullkickers included obviously.

But what happened to the teaser next issue cover that appeared in number #18? It was pretty darn good IMO

next in line:
Superior Spawn
Mighty Savage Dragon
Astonishing Bomb Queen

Zub, you owned those trolls. Keep up the great work!

I don’t see this as “mocking”, more a parody. And there’s a difference.

This is FUN. Pure fun. Enjoy it. Give the comic a try if you haven’t. I’ll be adding it to my monthly pull list, and this issue will be the perfect point to do so. Hope there’s another treasure trove coming in 2013 though Zub, the first was amazing.

YUP, you shouldn’t have. What a waste of ink, paper, and/or bytes. I don’t know what’s worse, Marvel and DC’s myopic, mimicking annual marketing plans or Image making fun of it. This was funnier when Eastman and Laird did it over twenty years ago.

“This is FUN. Pure fun.”

Lamely copying other copies marketing to hype your own books is fun?

God forbid they come up wth something original.

“Lamely copying other copies marketing to hype your own books is fun?”

Yeah! You ain’t fooling us, Zub! You did it all for the moneys, not for the giggles! To steal all the hype! Bastard! Plus, as we all know, people are sheep, who love the new #1s and adjectives. They will clearly get confused over your marketing copying magic! And those who won’t get confused will call you out on your unfunny unoriginal shenanigans, sir! (I’m senselessly wasting bytes here, aren’t I?)

from me I don’t like imitation. all a name change does is say same story just different name to drum up few idiots who think it is the same thing it was bad enough that I image got away way with doing this kind of I’m sorry but the moment they put the name uncanny on it they lost any sales they could have gotten thing in eighties when the creators named everything with names similar to the ones that made them famous to begin with for instance Spiderman and Spawn. since image is hit and miss the good stuff manages to get attention but the bad stuff is forgotten quickly there is no consistency the same month that has great book like the Great Pacific, Happy and chew will have a larger group of titles that will blend in to the wood work or are just plain bad like young blood Image has lost any respect I once had for them

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