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Action Lab launches mature readers line, merger with Super Real

Fresh off the success of the creator-owned series PrinceLess by Jeremy Whitley, the enterprising Pittsburgh-based publisher Action Lab Entertainment is expanding — by teaming up with the fellow indie publisher Super Real Graphics.

Action Lab announced Monday it’s merging with Super Real, and that the latter’s founder Jason Martin will come on board Action Lab to spearhead a new mature readers line called Danger Zone. Action Lab has been a quick riser in comics, with PrinceLess making a name for itself and garnering an Eisner nomination along the way, and industry veterans like Jamal Igle choosing the company to publish creator-owned work. But Action Lab has up until now been strictly focused on all-ages material, so this announcement of a mature readers line is a  big jump for the small publisher.

According to the press release, Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint already has several titles lined up, including a book by Tony Fleecs and Tone Rodriguez called American Gothic Chick.

As part of the merger with Super Real, that company’s titles such as  Zombie Tramp and Super Real will be be re-issued and potentially expanded upon at Action Lab.




I was looking at Action Lab’s website yesterday and got a good chuckle when their “About” page boasts that they “collectively have over 25 years of comic book creating experience,” then you go to the “Creators” page and it lists 10 people, with the first guy apparently claiming 15 of those 25 years himself. I’m sure that’s not what they meant, but it made me laugh, anyway.

Cool to hear they’re doing well, though. I haven’t checked out any of their books yet, but Princeless and Molly Danger both look really sharp. And it’s always cool to have more homes for creator-owned comics.

Well, half of my 15 years was on the retailer side of the equation. I’ve only been on the creative side since 2005. Hope that clarifies things :)

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