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Archie to publish double double digests

No, it’s not your eyesight: After getting rid of its mere “Digests” last year, in favor of an entire line of Double Digests, Archie Comics will skip right over Triple Digests and start publishing Double Double digests in 2013. At 320 pages for $5.99, these are an even better deal than the Double Digests, which retail for $3.99. Every Double Digest will be doubled once a year, with the March Archie Double Digest being the first to be expanded.

Most, if not all, of the material in the digests is “classic,” i.e., has already run somewhere else, but with a huge back catalog of 70 years’ worth of comics, Archie has plenty of stories to fill those pages. I guess they’re not worried about running out anytime soon.



I imagine the return on original investment has been great for those comics. You can just use the same artwork over and over in different places and mixed with different comics.

Yeah, and they don’t give the original artists any credit or extra pay.

Rotten in Riverdale!! I love Archie, just as I’m sure everyone else on here does. So this is difficult news to share. I’m sure most of you are familiar with Stan Goldberg and his work on Archie for over 40 years. If you’ve wondered what happened to him, he was dismissed…again, after 40 years by Victor Gorelick and the latest Goldwater who are running the company into the ground. With the same thing happening to legend Dan DeCarlo, the company has a history of dismissing their legendary talent that built the company and then reprints their work year after year with the artists never seeing a dime. Illegal, no but unethical…Absolutely. Marvel and DC pay reprint/royalties…why not Archie? Call Mr Gorelick or Goldwater and ask them why they continue this practice. If it doesn’t stop, then maybe ask yourselves if you want your kids contributing to the fortunes of such an unethical organization.

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