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Cory Walker’s cover revealed for Invincible #100

MTV’s Splash Page has debuted Cory Walker’s cover for the landmark 100th issue of Invincible, long teased as the climax of “The Death of Everyone” arc. “Killing one person in your annual is lame, I’m killing everyone,” writer Robert Kirkman told the audience at New York Comic Con, explaining he’s parodying the  trend of comics killing characters in their events and annuals.

The issue, by Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and John Raunch, arrives Jan. 23 from Image Comics.



So…Robert Kirkman is also parodying his own practices?

It’s the cover to issue 1, but with the camera swung around behind him! Genius.

That Cory Walker sure is the ginchiest!

No Science Dog backup this time?

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