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Dave Sim covers Judge Dredd: Year One

The oddest piece of news I’ve seen today is that Dave Sim has drawn an alternate cover for the first issue of IDW Publishing’s Judge Dredd: Year One. The comic’s creative team will please 2000AD fans, as it features current wearer of Tharg’s rubber-mask-and-boiler-suit-combo Matt Smith as writer, underrated “Simping Detective” artist Simon Coleby on interiors, and the great Greg Staples painting the regular covers. Staples is no stranger to the young Joe Dredd, essaying the character as an actor in the Judge Minty fan film, a recent hit at U.K. comic conventions.

This is, I presume, another welcome side effect of Sim’s recent deal to bring assorted Cerebus projects to IDW. Sim’s detente with modern comics continues apace. See both covers, Sims’ and Staples’ almost-ludicrously detailed version, below.



Both those covers look fantastic. Cheers.

What he^ said.

That Greg Staples one would look magnificent as a poster, while the Dave Sim one conjures up memories of the prog’s early days… which is appropriate, I feel. The IDW line roars into life, perhaps? But mostly I’m excited about the writer/artist team.

I’ll have to buy the TPB, so I can get all those darn covers…

Well now there’s something I’d never thought I’d see! Bloody love it. Really looking forward to this one. Matt Smith and Simon Coleby are a team that I think can produce a winning story from a period of Dredd’s history I’m really glad they’re exploring.

Sexyfuntime. Not totally impressed with IDWs first stab at the character but getting Smith and Coleby seems a good move, and those covers are great. Staples has been doing that level of work on 2000ad covers for years so, ya know, if you ain’t reading 20000ad itself you damm well should be.

While IDW’s regular Dredd series hasn’t started of brilliantly (I’ll give it a few issues though), this looks fantastic. Love the creative team. Simon Coleby did some great work on the just-finished Simping Detective story and Matt Smith has overseen one of the best periods of the prog in recent memory.

The Dave Sim variant with it’s oddly explosive logo is just the icing on the cake.

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