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Documentary chronicles the Boston indie comics scene

Ming Doyle

San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Chicago may be better known as comics towns, but Boston has a thriving indie comics community, and now the city has a documentary about it as well. In this 11-minute film, The Amazing and Fantastical Boston Comics Creators, director Frank Duran talks to an array of local talent, including Jesse Lonergan, Jerel Dye, John Hilliard and Ming Doyle. It’s well worth a look both to see the amazing art some of these creators are producing and to hear them talk about their process as well as the importance of the Boston Comics Roundtable in bringing them together and nurturing their work.



Every city’s got a lot of indie talent if you look hard enough. No one considers St. Louis a comics town either, but we have Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, Matt Kindt, Kevin Huizenga, Tim Lane, Dan Zettwoch, Ted May…man, I think we might need a documentary of our own!

Alt Comix meets Indie Filmmaking??

‘Cool Homer’ should get at least 600 xp watching this documentary!

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