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Exclusive Preview | Daredevil #22

How do you follow last week’s big status-quo shakeup in The Amazing Spider-Man #700, in which Doctor Octopus assumes the mantle of the wall-crawler? For starters, how about a team-up between the Superior Spider-Man and the Man Without Fear?

Courtesy of Marvel arrives an exclusive expanded preview from Daredevil #22, by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee and Paolo Rivera, which also sees the return of Stilt-Man! That does seem like a job for Spider-Man — or at least Doc Ock. The issue goes on sale Jan. 16.

MARK WAID (W) • Chris Samnee (A)
Cover by Paolo Rivera
• Daredevil teams up with the ALL NEW Superior Spider-Man!
• Yes, America, we’ve heard your calls! Stilt-Man Is BACK! Better than ever thanks to some last minute help from Doctor Octopus.
• The Eisner and Harvey Award winner for book of the year continues to baffle all of us here at the House of Ideas!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99



I know that the whole Superior Spider-Man thing is going to be the status quo for a while, but I still really wish this issue would end with Dardevil beating the tar out of “Spider-Man” and setting things back to normal.
Still, it’s definitely a treat to see Samnee drawing a Spider-Man, even if the circumstances in the story kind of suck.

Ohh, I really hope that’s Matt realizing that this isn’t Peter at the end there..

I wish it was Matt realizing that that isn’t Peter, but Ock is probably saying something like, “I’m going to finish you once and for all” or some such nonsense, and Matt realizing that he isn’t lying.

Mat – I think Mark Waid is a much better writer than that. Loved his writing way back on Flash and met him at a store opening way back in the mid-90’s and he signed a ton of my Flash comics. Also got to see exclusive previews pages of Alex Ross artwork from Kingdom Come in black-and-white before it came out. Waid is top-notch in my book. It’s no surprise to me he has Daredevil winning Eisner awards. Indestructible Hulk has to be headed down that path as well with the great writing and art by Yu. Now Dan Slott I can see writing something like that. He did so in Amazing Spider-Man #700 but Mark Waid I think is a much better story-teller. He came up with this whole Superior Spider-Man angle (which might be cool for about a year but if it lasts longer and is permenant like they’re selling it to be – no true Spider-Man fan should support that).

Also wondering what the explanation for the split toe look is all about with “Superior” Spider-Man? I can see the claws as an edge in the modern superhero world but wth is the reasoning behind the foot thing? Special hidden weapon like a blade or something? If it’s just for looks it really is weird….

Joe – I agree with your stance on Waid completely. I just can’t see Marvel letting him have Daredevil know, so early into the thing. Unless him investigating becomes a major subplot for the book. That might redeem the whole thing for me.

The coloring is amazing, bravo color person

Pacing is perfect in these, well done Samnee

Terrible art.

Are you guys really that daft as to not realize that Daredevil knows because of his heartbeat? Just because its Pete’s body, that doesnt mean his heartbeat will be the same…his voice would be off a lil bit too. I hope Daredevil figures it out right away.

“Terrible art.”


I don’t think it’s that he’s realizing it’s not Peter OR that Ock is saying something menacing to him. I suspect his wide-eyed expression is because Stilt-Man’s tentacles are joining the fight.

You’re right. Unless they’re fighting behind a McDonald’s, that arched shadow is a tentacle leg in those last two panes.

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