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Exclusive Preview | Hawkeye #7

Marvel is nothing if not nimble, changing up the schedule and creative lineup of Hawkeye to allow writer Matt Fraction to address the impact of Hurricane Sandy on New York and New Jersey in Issue 7, with the help of guest artists Steve Lieber and Jesse Hamm. What’s more, Fraction announced he’ll donate his royalties from the issue to the Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Hawkeye #7 will be split into two stories, with Lieber illustrating Clint Barton’s efforts to help a friend evacuate his father from Far Rockaway, Queens, and Hamm drawing Kate Bishop’s struggle in Atlantic City as the five-star hotel in which she’s attending a social function begins to flood. Series artist David Aja will return with Issue 8.

“I doubt I could tell this story if I was still writing Thor or Iron Man, but this is what Hawkeye ended up being about,” Fraction told Comic Book Resources in early December. “He’s the superhero that doesn’t matter; all that matters is that he’s a superhero.”

Marvel has provided ROBOT 6 with an exclusive color preview of Hawkeye #7, which goes on sale Jan. 30:



i wish this type of art, like Aja, Samnee, was more prevalent in superhero comics

I think I liked it better un-inked, but…still very much looking forward to the story.

Not digging the art as much as the regular stuff, but it’s hard to complain, given the quick turnaround, and the great cause.

Love the art. Really enjoyed Hawkeye. Surprised me so much. Got a Coen bros feel to it. So much fun. Cannot wait;)

“i wish this type of art, like Aja, Samnee, was more prevalent in superhero comics”

– Trey

I love it, too. Out of curiosity, though, why should this art be more prevalent in superhero comics when it’s just as easy to read non-superhero comics? This has always been strange to me: every aesthetic or visual style must necessarily be used in a superhero story to be valid instead of existing on its own terms in a more suitable genre. Rather than superhero comics wearing spy/espionage veneer, or western veneer or science fiction veneer, why not have those visual styles be presented purely? And I’m a big, big fan of this title, by the way, I’m just baffled as to why Marvel and DC need to shoehorn every artistic and storytelling mode into an Avengers book.

Much more importantly, though, big thumbs up to Fraction for the hurricane relief donation. This comic is already a must-buy and that makes it even more so. Cheers.

This reminds me of ASM Vol 2 No 36 in which they had a story that had Spidey dealing with 9/11 and the money that was made from the people who bort it went to a 9/11 charity.

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