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First look: Lettered pages from Dark Horse’s new Star Wars series

Nerdist has debuted a first look at lettered pages from Dark Horse’s Star Wars, the new series from Brian Wood and Carlos d’Anda set during the three-year gap between Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Announced at Comic-Con International, the title picks up where fans left Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo after the destruction of the Death Star. “Luke is hurting from the death of his family and Ben, Leia is in mourning for her family and her entire planet, while trying to shoulder the burden of managing the Rebellion alongside Mon Mothma,” Wood told Comic Book Resources in July. “Han is still kind of a jerk. Luke only has the barest sense of what the Force is, and will attempt to learn what he can on his own.”

Star Wars, which features covers by Alex Ross, debuts in January. See part of the preview (including a strutting Darth Vader) below, and visit Nerdist for more.



Wait a minute, didn’t they do this already? Didn’t Marvel cover the gap between Star Wars and Empire back in the 1970’s when they were producing a monthly comic?

“Didn’t Marvel cover the gap between Star Wars and Empire back in the 1970′s when they were producing a monthly comic?”

35 years ago, yeah. Very weird, very cool stuff. Is your suggestion that nothing in comics can be done more than one way within a 35 year timespan? Because, I got news for ya….


Brian Wood wins by KO.

I didn’t say that nothing in comics can be done more than one way, geez, put words in my mouth.
God only knows that redundancy seems to be the byword for Marvel or DC.
I was just wondering why anyone would bother to redo something when they could cover so much more ground that has never been covered before.

The Marvel Star Wars comics is on a lesser tier on canon than almost everything else, so that era is really up for grabs.

Because we’re not redoing anything, or re-covering any ground. In terms of story, there is absolutely zero overlap between the old Marvel stories and mine. They couldn’t be more different.


I’m super pumped for this! Did you find it difficult writing lines for these characters because they are so iconic? When I read that preview above, I immediately thought “that sounds like Palpatine.”

The dialogue is easy for that reason – I just have to image the actors speaking the lines. Han Solo is the easiest.

I gather that Jaxxon won’t be making an appearance?

The original Marvel series was written under completely different circumstances, most notably, very little information about Lucas’ plans for the rest of the trilogy– so of course Wood’s series is going to be nothing like the Marvel run.

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