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Justice League of America to feature Martian Manhunter back-up

DC Comics’ Justice League of America will expand with March’s Issue 2 with a Martian Manhunter co-feature written by Matt Kindt and Geoff Johns and penciled by Scott Clark.

“To me, Martian Manhunter, you can almost do anything with him because there hasn’t been a definitive take on him yet,” Kindt, who previously wrote DC’s Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., tells MTV Geek. “We’ll see what ultimately happens, but to me, he’s always been like Superman, except he wasn’t raised by human parents, so he doesn’t have the human element to him. He has all the crazy strength and powers, but he also has a disconnect from humanity. There’s that element, which I think is going to be interesting to play with, his true alien-ness. You forget Superman is an alien sometimes, but with Martian Manhunter you don’t because of the way he looks. He’s like a man out of place in a way.”

Although Martian Manhunter was a charter member of DC’s Justice League, appearing in the team’s first adventure in 1960’s The Brave and the Bold #28, he was reintroduced last year in the New 52 as a member of the covert Stormwatch. However, as DC announced in August, he’ll join such heroes as Hawkman, Catwoman, Green Arrow and Vibe in the new Justice League of America, by Johns and David Finch.

Justice League of America #2 arrives March 6.



John Ostrander might beg to differ on the definitive take thing…

I agree with Steve. Ostrander’s take is the definitive one. I’m not sure it matters in the New 52, though, as I haven’t read any of his appearances since the reboot.

I also agree. That Ostrander and Mandrake run was terriffic.

The Ostrander run was terrific, but I don’t think it necessarily *defined* J’onn. Most of the elements (aside from the origin) that we associate with him were introduced by J.M. DeMatteis, both in his miniseries with Mark Badger, and in the old Justice League issues with Keith Giffen & Kevin McGuire. And even some details DeMatteis introduced previously in the waning days of the Detroit league.

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