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Kickstart My Art | Nightwing: The Series

Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le, the duo behind the Batman: Nightwing fan film that made the rounds over the summer, are now hoping expand upon the adventures of Dick Grayson with a three-part web series called, appropriately enough, Nightwing: The Series. To that end, they’ve teamed with Las Vegas’ MG Studio, which is providing the production facility and some of the resources for the project. However, Shepherd and Le need money for costumes, props and location shoots — and they’ve taken to Kickstarter in hopes of raising $20,000.

Just five days in to their 60-day campaign, they’re almost halfway toward their goal. To encourage pledge, they’re offering such incentives as the series soundtrack, posters, limited-edition T-shirts and a Batarang prop. Of course, with merchandise like that, they may be pushing their luck with Warner Bros.’ legal department.

You can watch the Nightwing: The Series teaser below, and visit the Kickstarter page to see the pitch video.



I wonder what DC’s response will be. Self-funding your own fan project is one thing, but publicly financing it is another ballgame.

I reckon DC will put the kibosh on this pretty quickly, unless they are too busy firing top-flight creators off their books (by e-mail apparently). It’s all on Bleeding Cool (sorry, I do not have the time here at work to find the link and paste it here)

I wish they would just make their own super hero movie where at the end of the day they can do with it what they want. Legally they can never sell copies of this and if this is being used as a portfolio hoping to get a hire from WB I don’t think that’s a good idea. WB isn’t going to pick up a series that they haven’t crunched the numbers on for a character they own. I don’t mean to be a jerk but I really wish they would turn it into their own superhero so they can do what they want with it

Where are the fan-film success stories — these guys that use established properties to create a fan-film as a portfolio to break into the business, and DO? If there was a track record, I can understand taking the risk. Either way, if you have enough friends, friends of friends, and fans willing to get you to $20K, create your OWN property. In a few years, someone might make a fan-film of YOUR stuff — and how cool would THAT be?

The production value is great but I wasn’t feeling the acting in the original short. I would boost the gain in the vocals. Sounded like a couple of guys chatting in a parking garage, rather than a dramatic scene. The costumes were great.

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