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Kickstart My Art | The Black Coat: The Blackest Dye

The Black Coat creator Ben Lichius hopes to see his Colonial super-spy ride again, with some help from Kickstarter. If the name sounds familiar, that’s probably because The Black Coat has appeared in a pair of miniseries and a 52-page special dating back to 2006 and featuring the talents of such artists as Francesco Francavilla, Gabriel Hardman and Dean Kotz.

In a nutshell, The Black Coat is about Nathaniel Finch, a New York City newspaper editor and budding scientist who, in the days before the American Revolution, dons a mask to protect the Colonies from the British — and the forces of the occult. And now, Finch is back in a 66-page graphic novel called The Blackest Dye, from Lichius, Kotz and colorist Diego Rodriguez, which picks up where the 2009 miniseries Or Give Me Death left off. “The new book promises lots of twists and turns, backstabbing, sword fights, New York in flames, new mysterious monsters,” Lichius promises. “… and, oh yeah, George Washington!”

And so Lichius is seeking $16,500 to fund The Blackest Dye, which Ape Entertainment has agreed to release next year. With 17 days to go, the campaign has raised $7,304, and Lichius is offering a range of incentives to get the project to its goal: sketchbooks, sketch cards, collections of the previous series, T-shirts and more.

Check out the pitch video below.



This is good stuff. I don’t know why Lichius has to go this route … he’s got an interesting character. Good luck, though.

I sent in my contribution.

I started to feel like I shouldn’t do it because the pitch says Ape Entertainment will solicit the book through Diamond when its finished and I could just pre-order it then but then I said:

“Well wait, its Ape Entertainment. I’m still sitting around twiddling my thumbs wondering where the rest of I Am Heroic is? I better make sure I can actually get this so the possibility of low pre-orders don’t have Diamond cancel the order.”

Thanks Evan! And you’re right. If we don’t hit our funding, there won’t be a book to solicit – so if you want to make sure you get a copy, contributing is the best thing you can do. And convincing your friends to contribute is the next best thing… :)
Shadowpdf – I’m glad you like what you see, and believe me, I’d rather not need to solicit support from people. But publishing a creator-owned book is expensive. The money we raise will go to pay for the art, production, printing, promoting, and distribution of the comic… none of that is possible without up-front funding. Thanks for your support!

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