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Massachusetts retailer gets road renamed Lois Lane

Not the actual street sign

Beginning later this week, customers of That’s Entertainment will be able to find Worcester, Massachusetts’ “Pop-Culture Emporium” at the corner of Park Avenue and Lois Lane. The store isn’t moving from its 20-year-old location, however. Rather, the city is changing the short private road that runs beside the building from Marmon Place to Lois Lane, in honor of Superman’s longtime love interest.

That’s Entertainment owner Paul Howley and manager Ken Carson made the formal request in March 2011; it received unanimous approval in August from City Council. The store is paying for the manufacture and installation of the new street sign, which will be put up this week. A formal ceremony will be held Sunday, with artist Paul Ryan drawing sketches of Lois Lane on a special commemorative print given free to attendees. There also will be a Lois Lane look-alike contest.

“The new name is a perfect match for That’s Entertainment, because we’re in the comic book and pop culture business,” Howley told the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, “and just about everyone says it’s a super idea.”

The marker will be a legitimate Worcester street sign, too, the newspaper reports, complete with a “Heart of the Commonwealth” logo. The only concession the city made was to spell out “Lane,” rather than abbreviate it as “LN,” as it customarily does.



There’s a Lois Lane in the town I grew up in, too. I was told it was the most-often-stolen street sign in town, though I don’t know if that’s true.

Always nice to see it on a sign, though, and congrats to Paul, Ken and That’s Entertainment!

Marmon Man must be p-o’d.

Yeah, there’s a Lois Lane in Bowling Green, KY as well, about 30 min. south of me. I suspect there are others.

This is so lovely. There is a beach town in New Jersey and one of the most beautiful streets is named Lois Lane. Realtor told us that people consistently want to buy houses there but it’s gotten so expensive. :)

Love this!

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