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Merry Christmas from Fantagraphics

I’m sharing this mostly because I just like holiday cards from comics publishers, whether I get them in the mail or see them on someone’s blog. But I also appreciate that this one includes three comics incons and the reminder that Fantagraphics has Christmas-related books featuring each of those characters. I’ve already mentioned Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking a couple of times (I have a copy and it is indeed as sweet and lovely as it looks), but didn’t realize that Nancy Likes Christmas and Walt Disney’s Donald Duck: A Christmas for Shacktown are also things that exist. Gonna need at least that Donald Duck one.



How have you missed the first two volumes of Fantagraphics’ Barks reprints?

You know about their Floyd Gottfredson series, right?

That Donald Duck book has The Golden Helmet, easily one of my favorite Barks stories. Definitely get it.

Oh “yes yes yes!” on the Floyd Gottfredson stuff. In fact that’s what’s been distracting me from the Barks stuff up to now. I obviously need to balance that out.

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