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Peter David suffers a stroke while on vacation

Peter David

Peter David, writer of X-Factor, Aquaman and Hulk, among others, posted on his blog that he had a stroke while on vacation in Florida.

“We were on vacation in Florida when I lost control of the right side of my body,” David wrote. “I cannot see properly and I cannot move my right arm or leg. We are currently getting the extent of the damage sorted out and will report as further details become clarified.”

David has written countless comics, with classic runs on Incredible Hulk, Aquaman, Young Justice, Fallen Angel, Supergirl and X-Factor, which he currently writes for Marvel. He has also written novels, video games and television shows over the course of his career.

Our thoughts are with David, and on behalf of everyone at Robot 6, we wish him a fast and full recovery.



Francisco Eustáquio

December 30, 2012 at 1:44 pm

All my best to PAD! I love is work and wish him a faste recovery!

best wishes for a speedy recovery.
For a person who makes his living applying his mind creatively, it can be scary news.
Strokes are very unpredictable, I hope he is being looked after by very detail oriented doctors.

May the LORD heal Peter David in his recovery. Best wishes and prayers for him and his family, friends, and fans.

I wish Mr. David a speedy recovery and return to full health. X-factor and Daredevil are my only two monthlies. Between his huge runs on hulk, aquaman, supergirl, young justice and X-factor I may have more of PADs writing than anyone else in my longboxes

I love you uncle Peter. I hope you recover quickly!

Peter David’s Star Trek novels are also up there with the best of them.

Met Peter at Fanexpo back in 09, and wish him a speedy recovery

All my best wishes for a full return to health.

Aw, man. I can only wish him the best of luck and a full recovery.

I hope you have a speedy recovery, Mr. David.

Peter David, one of my all time favorite writers. Best wishes go out to Peter and I hope it is a full recovery and he’s back doing what he loves soon.

All my best wishes to Peter David and his family. Having read his entire run of X-Factor, I feel like I already know his family from the summary pages.

All the best, PAD! Take care of yourself, we’re with you!

Yuck-please get better soon Peter-your legion of fans are thinking of you!

best wishes and a speedy full recover for peter. for he is one of the coolest story tellers in comics i have read .

My best wishes to Peter David. Hope you make a speedy and full recovery.

Good luck with the therapy, Mr. David…

You can come back from this and get most of your mobility back.
I’m sorry to hear about your vision problem… Not an easy thing. My father is mostly blind in one eye as a result of an accident during a tennis match and has macular degeneration in the same eye.

Nobody can say you’ll ever make a full recovery from a stroke but on the other hand you have to count your blessings and be thankful that you’re still here. A lot of people still don’t survive strokes.


One of my dad’s best friends had a stroke 13-14 years ago. He made a decent recovery but was still a bit slower afterwards. He was one of the lucky ones. It didn’t affect his speech much that I could tell and he was pretty much still the same sarcastic, occasionally bull-headed person I knew.

I know of at least two cases of people who had radical personality changes after strokes… They’re not aware of those changes but everybody else that knows them — well, they’re just not the same people anymore.

We’ve all got to take of ourselves and follow doctor’s orders… A stroke can be one of the most devastating, preventable injuries you could have…

Can’t get through to his blog now to wish him well, but he knows his myriad fans are out here and have him in our thoughts and prayers.

Get well soon PAD. You are one of my favorite writers. Very few things I have read from him I disliked.

I too wish him a fast and full recovery.

PAD is, easily, one of my favorite comic writers of the past 20+ years. I have enjoyed his work since his, career making, run on INCREDIBLE HULK. His X-FACTOR has been a, consistent, favorite of mine, in recent years.

I wish all the best to Peter and his family. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

Wow…sorry to hear this but get well quick PAD!! Prayers going out for you!


December 30, 2012 at 3:16 pm

Good luck and get well, PAD! You’ll pull through, no doubt in my mind!

My prayers go out to Mr. David. Get well soon!

Hoping for a speedy recovery for PAD, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!!!

Been a fan for ages, love his comics and “But I Digress”.
Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Huge fan of Peters work, from his ‘Star Trek’ novels to his unbeatable run on the ‘Incredible Hulk’. My son and & I had a chance to meet him this past April in Calgary at the Comic Expo. He was gracious, answered all my questions i had for him and autographed the books I wanted him to. It was a great experience and he truly is my favourite writer and someone I look to for inspiration as I too dream of becoming a writer of comic books. Get well soon Peter, you truly are a wonderful human being!

I’m a huge fan and very sad to hear this. I hope he has a speedy recovery, for him and his family.

Get well soon Peter, wish you all the best.

I hope he has a quick and painless recovery–no one should go through something so sudden and unforgiving like that.

I also hope he recovers enough in time for being a guest at Emerald City Comic-Con next March–I’ve always wanted to meet him. I consider Peter David to be what I call a “middle ground” type of writer. He’s not too ‘far off’ in his writing (like Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, or Warren Ellis), yet not too “juvenile” in both writing and storytelling, like Gardner Fox, Bob Haney, or Stan Lee. David, fitting into the “middle ground” category, joins other favorite writers of mine, such as Larry Hama, Roger Stern, Jimmy Palmiotti, and my #1 favorite, Gerry Conway.

Sorry to hear that. I have also had a stroke and recovered, hopefully Peter David will also. He is a great writer, I wish him and his family the best.

Get well soon, Peter.

Wishing a speedy and fast recovery to a wonderful writer and storyteller.

Luvyuh, Peter! My favorite of yours is the whole Hulk run. Great stuff! You’ll be writing more great stuff, I’m sure!
I wish a speedy recovery to you.

PAD, i’m praying for a recovery faster than Bart Allen

I hope that PAD can enjoy a full recovery. He and his family are in my prays rigth now. A man that gave us so many happiness and endless hours of entertainment deserves tghe best from all the comic book community (Pros and fans). Get well soon, Mr. David.

Please get well soon PAD , you are a fantastic writer , one of the best, your work has given us all great pleasure for a very long time ,and i really hope for a lot longer in the future !

A speedy recover to PAD, a fine writer and bountiful snark.

My personal thanks for giving Aquaman such a beautiful, epic history.

Get well soon sir.

Get well soon boss man!

I hope that PAD bounces back from his illness quickly as the comic industry will suffer from his absence.

Get better soon!

Big fan of PAD! Please get well soon, sir!

Wish him a speedy recovery. One of the best in the business.

Hope you get well soon PAD!!..The man who made me love the Hulk again…Still remeber the issue which featured the hulk with a huge gun and bunny sleepers….classic!

I enjoyed PAD’s Hulk: Future Imperfect and some of Star Trek novels. Get well soon!

Big fan. If you are reading this Mr David.. I wish you the best.. You were very nice to me and everyone else at the Chicago con a coupla years back.. I think it was C2E2,, anyway.. Thanks for all of your work.. Ive been reading your impressive work on xfactor since it began. Thanks for writing out of the box and all the best in your recovery.

I’ve been entertained, enlightened and enthralled by Peter’s writing since “The Death of Jean DeWolff” back in 1985, and I’ve followed his work from “The Incredible Hulk” (have his entire run), the first (and current) “X-Factor”, Aquaman, “Spiderman: 2099″ and others.

I wish him a VERY speedy recovery and godspeed to him and his family. The comics world needs more creators like Peter, and more importantly, more human beings like him.

Take care, Mr. David! I hope you are feeling better as soon as possible, Take it easy!

Godspeed with your recovery, Pete!

I’d like to join everyone else in wishing PAD well, and on top of all previously mentioned work I’d particularly like to thank him for his contributions to Babylon 5. Other than JMS himself I don’t think anyone else added as much to that favourite story of mine than PAD did with his episodes and novels.

Get well soon

Big fan

My favourite character is the Hulk and it was a pleasure reading PAD’s run.

I hope he gets well soon. My thoughts are with him.

Get well soon Peter! Your writing in amazing!!

Get well soon Mr. David!

You are a truly superb writer sir and I hope that the road to recover is a swift journey for you.

Get well soon, Peter. You’re one of my favorite writers.

Get well soon Peter! We’re all thinking of him and his family and wishing him a fast recovery. Was just talking about his run on hulk yesterday, I consider it to be the defining run on the charecter. Thanks to peter for all his fantastic work.

Everyone here at this house is wishing him a speedy and full recovery. We love Peter here and wish him and his family only the best!

So sorry to hear of PAD’s currrent condition.

He is simply one of my heroes.

I truly hope the New Year sees him making a full and quick recovery.

You’re in my thoughts, big guy.

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