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Quote of the Day | Bryan Hitch on his Marvel departure

Art from Bryan Hitch's aborted "Ultimate Captain America" miniseries

“Despite Marvel coming to me and asking for the Cap series, rather than my pitching it to them, it was constantly being sidelined and eventually dropped to my disappointment. Since Ultimates ended, I’d been less and less involved in a collaborative process at Marvel. They now had their various brain-trusts, architects or whatever the gang was calling themselves, and that was what led their creative process. It seemed a very closed shop and not what it was like when I signed up to do Ultimates at all. I felt like they wanted an illustrator not a creator, and that was very frustrating to me. I’d submitted several proposals for various series, getting nowhere; Cap was dropped, and I didn’t even feel involved in the story I was working on. It really felt like I wasn’t contributing the way I wanted to be.

Obviously the work I did there over more than ten years is a true high point in my career and, in looking at the Marvel movies, clearly influential, but I guess there’s a time when you feel like you don’t know anybody at the party anymore or nobody’s laughing at your jokes and it’s time to call a cab. Possibly, had I known the Ultron series was longer than the five issues I’d originally thought and if I hadn’t had the Cap book pulled from under me, I may never have considered moving on, but stuff changes I guess.

I don’t want any of this to sound anything other than light, frothy and pleasant though. There’s no regret or bitterness, far from it. There’s always things one could have done differently or better but I had an amazing time and got play with a lot of company toys, and it made my career in the best way possible. Now in going forward I feel like I have some incredible opportunities I might otherwise not have had.”

Bryan Hitch, in a lengthy interview with Comic Book Resources, discussing his departure from Marvel following Age of Ultron



Another one bites the dust.

Why on earth would anyone cancel a Hitch drawn Ultimate Cap mini ? #bestthingfromtheUltimates

Bryan Hitch is one of the very finest super-hero story-tellers alive. A true artist, heads above the pack. And he’s a class act, not embittered by Marvel politics or editorial stumbling.

So why isn’t anyone at Marvel working with this man? If they’re going to publish blockbuster events like Secret Invasion and Dark Reign, Hitch is the man who should be drawing them.

@ralhooo They hate money? I don’t know. Seems like a no-brainer to me as well.

Charles J. Baserap

December 14, 2012 at 8:13 pm

Maybe they like money, just more than four times a year and an event that ships on time more often than not..?

Kind of difficult for a creator to be part of the “brain trust” and a real driving creative force at Marvel when he draws at Hitch’s pace.

Here’s the next trend in professional relations at the Big 2:
1) Bring in Great Talent.
2) Have them work on projects, watch projects develop fanbases, wide acceptance
3) Slowly push them away if they don’t share editorial goals AND once they make you enough money (Firing by email nets bonus points)
4) Great Talent acts all nice and professional: “I have no regrets, I’m happy for the opportunity, yada yada yada”, despite the truth that they really got screwed over. Great Talent moves over to next project outside Big 2.
5) ????

I was never a huge fan of Hitch’s art, but I do appreciate his comments on Marvel. Assuming he’s not just being political, his comments show that sometimes people have to move on. And it’s nice that he can frankly talk about how he drifted away from working at Marvel without trashing it. Marvel was doing it’s thing, he was doing his and at certain point they’d part ways. That said, Ultimates 1 and 2 ruled, and I hope his next projects are just as successful.

Bet neither Hitch nor Millar saw the payday they deserved for the billion dollar making Avengers. That movie was basically a filmed version of the Ultimates.

Ultimate Cap is, in my opinion, amongst the worst Ultimate versions of Marvel characters.

I am a fan of Hitch’s art. He does great stuff.

Nice to see the truth behind his only partial involvment in Age of Ultron. Marvel’s stance that it’s storyline dictated always seemed fishy and now he’s saying that he only thought it was going to be 5 issues and had his Cap book canceled. Interesting.

Marvel didn’t really want Hitch art, they wanted the Hitch name.
The shameful part is that by hiring him to draw the event, shelving it for over a year and replacing it with a different, conceived in a rush event, Hitch gets the label of slow artists. The the fact that he draw his issues more than a year from when they will be released and published gets lost.

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