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Quote of the Day | ‘Comics needs Karen Berger!’

“I was […] seriously disappointed when I’d heard about the demise of Vertigo’s Hellblazer recently announced, in favor of transitioning the lead character into the DCU entirely, not an idea I’m overly fond of. As a longtime reader of Hellblazer it was disheartening. I felt as if Vertigo was beginning to slowly be sucked dry, its life’s blood drained away. And with the departure of Karen Berger I have to admit that I’m feeling even more disheartened. And speaking as bit of a fan here, not an industry professional, I’m feeling torn between a struggle of anger about some things and rather optimistic for what the future may hold for Karen, and in turn for us as readers. As a creative editor Karen has something to say, always has, and I’m certain her voice will rise up out of the din and resonate with something new. And when that voice does sound, in whatever form that may take, I know I’m there to listen. Comics needs Karen Berger! ”

J.H. Williams III, responding to Monday’s announcement that Karen Berger, executive editor and senior vice president of Vertigo, will leave after nearly 20 years at the helm of the DC Comics imprint



She should return. I imagine a lot of great creators would follow her, wherever she turns up.

The DC brass should have got down on their knees and begged Karen Berger to stay. She’s more talented than twenty Dan Didios and a hundred Bob Harrases.

Too bad for DC.

It’s sad that DC punishes creativity and rewards homogenization.

Somewhere in his office at Disney, Alan Horn is laughing like a mad man that he is knowing he’s succeeded in his master plan to not only strike a blow to the Vertigo banner with the new contracts but morph DC into the IP farming editorial dictatorship it’s became in the past decade (I’m now strongly convinced he was the one who hired Dan DiDio).

DC is definitely doomed and no talk of how much X or Y sells is going to change this cold hard reality.

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