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Ray Fawkes to fill in for two issues on DC’s Batgirl

Even as fans react to Sunday’s announcement that Gail Simone will no longer be writing Batgirl, word has trickled out that recently appointed Justice League Dark co-writer Ray Fawkes will fill in on a two-part story arc beginning in March.

The news arrives courtesy of DC Comics’ Batman Group solicitations for March (via The Outhousers), which appear to have leaked a little early on Newsarama:

Written by RAY FAWKES
On sale MARCH 13 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
• The first of two issues by guest writer Ray Fawkes!
• Batgirl must face the man who sold her out to The Joker during “DEATH OF THE FAMILY”…her own brother, James Gordon, Jr.
• Can Barbara help him, or will this conflict be the final nail in her family’s coffin?

Best known for his such books as Mnemovore, Apocalipstix and Possessions, Fawkes joins Jeff Lemire in February as co-writer of Justice League Dark.



that’s good news for JL Dark that I didn’t know about, but I dunno how he’s gonna be on Batgirl. I’m kinda glad I never got into the series as I figured it would fail rather fast because all the readers were gonna be pissed that it wasn’t Stephanie. and now I’m glad I haven’t tried it as I can’t see anyone doing it justice other than Gail.

If you never tried Simone’s Batgirl than how would you know that no one else could do it justice?

Stupid comment. “I didn’t get it because I thought it would fail” – try something if you think you will like it. Don’t wait around to see if others think it’s popular. “all the readers were gonna be pissed that it wasn’t Stephanie” – Stephanie Brown, while a likeable character, doesn’t have that many fans – just a small group of vocal ones. Barbara has always had way more fans. “I can’t see anyone doing it justice other than Gail.” How would you know? You’ve never read her Batgirl.

I haven’t read his indy stuff but he’s intriguing choise. Too bad it’s just fill-in. I’m afraid they’ll put Jim Starlin as ongoing writer. Or somebody equally washed-up.

I’ll just hope it continues to be good :)
Though I wouldn’t mind seeing the series touch on some pre-New 52 characters like Steph, Cass and Misfit. Steph and Misfit could easily be redesigned to fit in Babs brave new world. I could see Cass being reintroduced as a young assassin in a extended story arc. Heck, if they wanted to work in the Court of Owls as an international organization they hinted toward, who would make the best recruit among young people than Cassandra Cain?

I’m just a fan of Gail Simone’s writing and most her work has been solid. Aside from everybody being a fanboy people overlook how DC handled this situation. It was disgusting. If it weren’t for Batman they’d lose a reader.

Carlos – if I see Stalin or any other washed up write on Batgirl that’s it. I’m surprised they won’t bring in the big gun Rob Liefield.

I’ll be dropping this book come March. I’m down to Batman, Nightwing and All-Star Western.

I for one am so glad that Gail isnt doing Batgirl anymore.I have really been wishing for a different writer. It has been terrible and I really cant understand why everyone is so in love with her writting. Didnt like Birds of Prey, or Secret Six. I know ill get blasted but if you look at most reviews about Batgirl, most feel the same way I do.

Nope. Gonna pass. Brian Cunningham did away a major reason why I was buying Batgirl.

I’m skeptical of this change and the way it came about. Gail’s Birds of Prey is a classic to me and I was really taking to her Batgirl. It’s a damn shame she will not be able to harvest the plot seeds she planted.

Sales wise this can only be a negative or at best neutral. It will not turn out positive.

I haven’t read Batgirl, but I know Simone is a great writer. To each their own but Secret Six was for a time one of the best written genre books going.

I read Batgirl and I don’t think it was Gail’s best job. Sales-wise the book had solid numbers (50k is very good for Batgirl), but only because after the #0 issue and Death of the family crossover, the book recovered fom a steady decline.
Still, is a very odd decision to fire her… by e-mail and by the new Editor.

Gail Simone: possibly the most overrated writer in comics ever. She’s kinda like the rock band Pink Floyd. Everybody pretends to like her because it’s the hip and trendy thing to do, but no one can really say why.

“Gail Simone: possibly the most overrated writer in comics ever. She’s kinda like the rock band Pink Floyd. Everybody pretends to like her because it’s the hip and trendy thing to do, but no one can really say why.”

Greetings, time traveler. What decade are you from where it’s hip and trendy to like Pink Floyd?

“You just pretend to like something because it’s cool” ranks right up there with “you’re just jealous” in the annals of online observations; they’re both pretty empty. It’s obviously fine for you not to like a creator’s work or understand why others do, but it’s seems silly to discount the possibility that, y’know, they genuinely enjoy something that you don’t?

Kinda like it seems jealous and petty to discount my opinion while saying discount others opinions are petty and empty. How does THAT work? And I’m a teenager from the 90’s. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. They were barely 20 years ago…

“And I’m a teenager from the 90′s.”

This explains much.

While not reading anything (new) DC right now, I hope Ray Fawkes work makes Barbara fans happy.

What I don’t understand about instances like this (and this happens a lot) is that a writer is taken off a book because sales aren’t doing well, right? But we also accept that the editorial staff of the big two are the ones predominantly “writing”, so to speak, and plotting, and directing the majority of the content, right? So if that’s the case then, to me at least, that’s like saying:
A restaurant’s business is doing poorly because people are complaining about the food; so they fire all the waiters, hire new ones, but keep the same chefs.

Of course management shifts around too, I’m sure. Editors get thrown from one title to another, etc, but they still have a job — just on a different book. Yet the freelancing writers and artists (who make up for most of what is the visible product) are not always treated like they could potentially be shifted from one book to another — they just get treated like “here today, gone tomorrow”. That’s just illogical behaviour – especially if the sales ARE doing well, like they have been with Simone’s run on Batgirl.

“This explains much.”
It’s snide little geek-like comments like this that make the world at large hate the stereotypical, knowitall, know othing, comic book fan dork who speaks through their teeth and has contempt for everyone else of the human race not named “mom”. Thanks for promoting the negative stereotype.

This change kinda makes one wonder what’s going to happen to Babs during Death of the Family. Maybe Simone wasn’t on board with it. With the sales of Batgirl as high as they are, there has to be something to this story we are not yet hearing.

Late post, I know, but I just have to as, I’m not a big Gail Simone fan. Although I love Secret Six and her work on Birds of Prey, I think she’s overrated. That said, I do like her work on Batgirl, though I don’t think it’s as great as some say.

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