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The Hawkeye Initiative puts our favorite archer in superheroine poses

By Noelle Stevenson, aka Gingerhaze

What began Saturday as an illustration swapping the poses of the two heroes on the cover of Hawkeye & Black Widow #17 turned into a challenge Sunday when Nimona creator Noelle Stevenson suggested that the way to “fix every Strong Female Character pose in superhero comics” is to “replace the character with Hawkeye doing the same thing.” Now The Hawkeye Initiative is a bona fide online movement, with a blog showcasing countless takes on the Avengers’ ever-popular archer striking the poses, and occasionally wearing the adapted costumes, of various superheroines.

The results are always fun and funny, occasionally alarming, and frequently very, very sexy …




(hoursago, the piece that started it all)



Oh god, those shiny nipples.

I’ve never been artistically inclined, but I’ve often wondered if they teach basic human anatomy at art school. Even an untrained eye like mine can see how unnatural these poses are.

My back hurts just from looking at these poses.

Hilarious! Loved these. Always good to get soe perspective.

Well, picking on Black Widow doesn’t make a lot of sense considering she’s one of the few characters in comics with the professional dance or ballet experience to actually pull off some of these moves.

@Aaron B. – I agree with you completely Aaron. To be honest, I believe it is harder for man to even “think’ about getting into those moves and poses. Women tend to be more flexible and if I remember correctly their bones are more pliable than ours, in other words their bones stretch. That one image from brocreate is something that, IMO, a man just can’t do. Let’s see them in the kitchen too, although their are men who cook, they can’t do what i remember my grandmother doing. She would be watching twelve hyperactive children, cooking a meal, doing laundry (which was several different tasks, considering she wouldn’t use a washer and dryer), having a conversation on the phone with friends or relatives and on top of all that she would also be creating different recipes to entice the family. She got a LOT OF JOY at family members “ooohhhhing and ahhhing” at how she created a new dish. I guess I take after her a bit, considering I create diabetic recipes for my diabetic cookbooks. I think she was a superheroine, IMO! Of course, I’m biased…but just a little.

>> That one image from brocreate is something that, IMO, a man just can’t do.>>

Nor can women.

hypermobility is sexy

December 6, 2012 at 11:48 am

what planet do you live on where women’s bones stretch

I actually have a genetic disorder where there’s not enough collagen in my joints, so I’m Bendy As Hell, but I can promise you bro, if I attempted some comic book poses I WOULD DISLOCATE and also probably mess up my ligaments forever. NOBODY HAS STRETCHY BONES. Wow.

@ Adam Garcia– It’s really awesome that your using your grandmother (one woman) to extrapolate the abilities, inclinations and aptitudes of of 51% of the population who happen to have the same kinds of genitals as her. That is sterling logic right there. Let’s not even talk about the absurdity of stretchy bones. I mean… there are no words.

@Adam Garcia– I am a freshmen in art school, and a pretty flexible person. I took ballet as a child and I know people (men included) who can contort themselves into freakier poses. However, during combat that pose is extremely implausible and back breaking. Unless you are Mr. Fantastic, who coincidentally, I have never seen bent into such a ridiculous pose. Also, what does your grandmother’s cooking skills have to do with anything? Because your grandmother speaks for all women because we all love pleasing people, doing laundry and watching children and men are somehow incapable of this? I hate cooking for other people, I hate cleaning and I hate children. Could you really try harder to formulate a more stupid sexist response?

Ok, you people seem to have a problem…this response wasn’t meant to be sexist…my grandmother is female and what I really meant was that my grandmother I see as a super-heroine because of what I saw her doing when I was a child and I still to this day do not see most women or any man to my knowledge able to do. Are you people really so hateful that all you see is sexist comments in this world…I feel really sorry for you if that is the case.

No one is being hateful, we are pointing out that what you said is offensive. You missed the entire point of the Hawkeye Initiative. It’s to put a male hero in the “sexy” poses female super heroines are put into. Some of which are impossible for people of either gender to do because they would break your back. You said “Let’s see them in the kitchen too.” and said that women are better in the kitchen then men are, which is a trigger point for a lot of women in geek culture because we are constantly told to “get back to the kitchen.” In one fell swoop you decided your grandmother could speak for 50% of the population. Women are not some sort of stretchy hive mind that enjoy cooking and pleasing people. That’s where the sexism is, and if you can’t see it you really need to do some research. Maybe take a look at .

Adam. You think you’re a great comedian. You *aren’t*.

What the hell were you expecting when you made a “joke” that’s actually an insensitive remark that’s still an ongoing torture for all women in every media industry imaginable? The fact that you’re being defensive just shows how revoltingly ignorant you are of the matter.

hypermobility is sexy

December 14, 2012 at 9:11 am

“i didn’t MEAN it to be sexist!”

oh well that’s alright bro, if i call you a douchebag but i don’t MEAN it as an insult we’re all square, yeah?

Men and women move and act differently according to a variety of reasons. Acting like that’s not the case is nonsensical.

Adam, the morality of comic book covers is more important than the reality of your grandmother’s existence. And since the work she did was assigned to her by patriarchal gender roles, you’re actually insulting women by being proud of her work. She was actually a bad person because she did what society forced on her instead of devoting her entire life to breaking out of stereotypes the way these perfectly ethical people do.

Obviously I’m being sarcastic, but the stretchy bones thing was totes silly. Nobody’s bones stretch. But that’s really the only thing wrong with your comment.

It also needs to be pointed out – Adam wasn’t saying ‘let’s see women in the kitchen.’ He was saying ‘let’s see MEN in the kitchen.’ He was pointing out that the gender roles enforced on women are more about unpaid domestic work than about comic book poses. Real women are not being forced to pose for comic book covers – they ARE being forced to work in kitchens and raise children. This is an example of people who think they know right from wrong privileging their sense of ethics over actually accomplishing anything. You are not a good person because you type the correct ideas. There is no such thing as a good person and you cannot become one no matter how well your statements fit a theoretical ethical framework. Reality is that people have no rights at all. You have to accept that fact before you can work to bring the imaginary concept of human rights into the sphere of reality.

You who are piling on Adam are using him as a scapegoat to make yourselves look better, as if he is firmly on the wrong side and you are firmly on the right side. This is dishonest – no one is ever ‘right.’ Scientists know this – their whole job is to punch holes in their own theories. You may be less wrong than him, but ‘right’ doesn’t exist. Remember that you are still privileged Westerners with computer access, and that everyone is guilty of using the spoils of capitalism and patriarchy (unless you built your machine yourself out of biodegradable materials and the energy is solar). The sins that we all have in common with Adam are far more destructive than anything he could type into a comment form. We are all complicit. And when you admit your complicity you’ll realize how much more power you have to fight injustice than you thought.

Forget offensive comments – every last one of us is a mass murderer. Of people, of animals, of the planet itself.

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