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U.S. government seizes artist’s paycheck as suspected terrorist funds

The U.S. government reportedly has seized an advance payment to artist Tim Hamilton for his work on nonfiction graphic novel detailing the activities of notorious Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony in the Congo, claiming the money was being laundered for a terrorist organization.

The news comes from journalist David Axe, who collaborated with Hamilton on Army of God: Joseph Kony’s War in Central Africa, which was serialized online by the Dutch website Cartoon Movement. It will be published next year by Public Affairs.

According to a press release, the title Army of God, which is also the name of a terrorist organization, “threw up a red flag” with the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the division of the Department of the Treasury that administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions. The money was seized early this month, and neither Hamilton nor his agent have been able to secure its release; the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has been contacted.

Cartoonist Matt Bors, who edited Army of God, offers: “OFAC hasn’t responded to my request for comment yet, but their answering machine urged me to visit the U.S. Treasury’s website. Comics wouldn’t be a great way to fund terrorism. They don’t pay very well. But now we know no one fighting terrorism knows how to use Google, which sure makes me feel safe.”

Hamilton, who’s worked on titles ranging from Green Lantern to Deadpool to MAD, illustrated the Eisner-nominated adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451.



Hi, if any of parties want to get in touch with me, I provide anti-money laundering training in my day job and may be able to provide some insight into OFAC…..

John Voss

For the love of F, give Hamilton his money. He worked on Trouble With Girls, for crying out loud. The United States Government should be supplementing his pay, not withholding it.

Pretty much unrelated, but I miss the hell out of The Trouble With Girls…

Another day in the world of growing big government.

But laundering isn’t the same as raising money for an organization, if his accounting is ok he’ll get his money back, it’s just the government runs painfully slow because libs and neocons are happy with bloated government

welcome to america, the land of fascism

The government is making me feel really great this year.

Yea because its the liberals who perpetuate terrorist hestaria. Now if a Republican was in office it would be protecting America like a true patriot.

I don’t understand — did the publisher pay him in cash? If not, just cut him another check and cancel the old one.

“I don’t understand — did the publisher pay him in cash? If not, just cut him another check and cancel the old one.”

So…. that’s not how it works.

1. The govt. could just seize the next check

2. That looks like you’re trying to circumvent a federal investigation, and are knowingly assisting a money laundering scheme

Scary on either how slow they are or how badly informed :P

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