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Why has Richard Sala never drawn a Batman comic?

Because between this entry in his Autumn and Evil alphabet series and that version of the Batman #197 cover that he did, I really want to see him go to town with these characters. I mean, look at that Joker!



Interesting. I have to confess I’d only heard his name and didn’t know any of his work. Reminds me of Melinda Gebbie.I’d like to see Burns do a Batman story — like that’s gonna happen………….

For a one shot or a fill in issue I can see that but not as a regular Bat artist. The main Batman title is like the Avengers. They go for more conventional art.

Would be cool for a Legends of the Dark Knight issue on digital.

Awesomeness. Would love to see him do a story for a Batman: Black & White style anthology…

Forget the Joker, look at those cute versions of Batgirl or Poison Ivy!
THIS would be a Batman worth of reading.

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