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Alternative movie poster artist James White’s ultra-rare Rocketeer variant

It seems good art attracts good art. That’s my thinking at least when I learned that noted poster artist James White (aka SignalNoise) has created an ultra-rare variant cover for the first issue of IDW Publishing’s The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror. The book, which debuts Feb. 27, is written by Roger Langridge and illustrated by J. Bone, with standard covers by Walter Simonson.

Although this is White’s first published comic book work, he’s been prolific online, contributing illustrations and designs for the burgeoning alternative movie poster industry.

White’s variant cover is so rare that you’ll only be able to find it at three comic stores: the Strange Adventures chain in Canada. IDW have been at the forefront of producing retailer-specific variant covers in recent years, and Strange Adventures owner Cal Johnson chose White to create the cover for his shop’s edition.

In a blog post about this impending release, White reveals he’s working on a screen-printed poster edition of this cover.  Here’s the image in full:



Great cover. I’ve never wasted money buying variants – much easier to save image, and print out at K-Mart or Big W. Might even put this one on a t-shirt…


None of that’s legal, FYI.

@ Mark
K-Mart’s never complained, and I’m sure Mr White was paid well for his cover so I’m not having any concerns.


It doesn’t matter if K-Mart complains or not. Shame on them for printing someone else’s intellectual property that you have no copyright over. And shame on you for capitalizing on that for your own selfish desires.

I would encourage you to ask Mr. White directly about what you’d like to do. He was commissioned by someone else to draw this. You didn’t pay him to draw this for you. Hence why it’s illegal for you to steal it. No different than stealing software, pirating movies, or shoplifting because someone else paid for the item.

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