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Bernard Chang is giving away his pages from Demon Knights #16

Bernard Chang's original art from "Demon Knights" #16

Demon Knights artist Bernard Chang is so excited about the release of Issue 16 on Wednesday that he’s going to give away all 20 pages of original art to fans who buy the DC Comics series.

Breaking down the process this morning on Twitter, Chang explained his plan: He wants readers to buy six copies of Demon Knights #16, keeping one for themselves and the rest to their friends who aren’t following the series (or ask your retailer to distribute them in pull boxes). But first, take one photo of yourself holding all six copies (like so) and another with a close-up of the receipt and the name of the store. Then tweet or email those photos to Chang, who will call the store to verify the purchase.

The first 20 people to do so will receive a page of original art signed by Chang. Those six comics will run you in the neighborhood of $18 (not accounting for sales tax or discounts); a page of original art by Bernard Chang sells for anywhere from $45 to $175, so you’ll be coming out well ahead of the game. The giveaway begins Wednesday at 9 a.m. PT.



holy crap that’s ingenious!

Haha, that’s a clever gimmick.

“…Then tweet or email those photos to Chang, who will call the store to verify the purchase. The first 20 people to do so…”

Soooooooooooooooo… if you are not on the East Coast, you’re SOL??

Thanks for not letting us participate, eh?

actually CrazyK don’t forget the UK get theirs on Wednesday, 5 hours before West Coast USA ;)

crazyk, the contest started 9am pst to help guys on the west coast (and possibly overseas) have an opportunity to win. there are still about half of the pages left, but i anticipate them being gone before the end of the day, so if you’re still interested in participating, make sure to get to your store during your lunch break or after work…

and if some stores might not carry enough extra shelf copies, it’s perfectly okay to get copies from nearby stores to make the total.

once the 20 pg total is reached, i will announce the contest closed, so check my twitter @thebernardchang for updates…


I really thought everyone would jump at that chance and the 20 would be gone long before the earliest shops here in CA opened. It was a surprise to see they were still available even as late as your response. I appreciate getting a response, and I apologize if I was rude.

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