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Butcher Billy mashes together Burton and Nolan’s versions of Batman

Butcher Billy
, the Brazilian artist sometimes known as Bily Mariano da Luz, is turning into something of a Robot 6 favorite. His latest project posted at Behance is “Batman: The Nolan X Burton Experiment,” smashing together Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy to sometimes humorous, often illuminating, effect. By placing their differing elements in proximity, these images reveal both what was good and what failed from these two adaptations. (Such as, hey Tim, you cast Lando Calrissian as Harvey Dent, then do absolutely nothing of consequence with the character in either of your films? What was that all about?)

As Bily writes: “But are they really that different? How much of all that is really classic and timeless and how much is pure recycling to modern times? Are those elements cool enough to stand even if taken from their own environments? How those concepts would work if they were mixed into one another?”



I gotta go with “not that different.” The scenes work surprisingly well together.

Mash together the Schumacher era on the other hand…

(Great. Now I want to see Christian Bale’s Batman getting his back broken by Batman & Robin’s Bane.)

Very nice!

I’d like to see Tim’s Batwing flying above Nolan’s Gotham!

Much better than I was expecting

Mark, your complain about Lando has turned into something of a possible subject to a future project!

Nicholson’s Joker was boring beyond words. As much as I loathe the rest of the Batman TV show, though, Romero was superb. I’d like to see that mashup.

All this really did was remind me that I liked Keaton’s Batsuit better than I like Bale’s.

Nicholson’s Joker was boring?

Um. No. No, actually, you’re just incorrect.

Uh, actually, I’m not. He was on cruise control the entire picture. An actor playing the Joker needs to be either manic, deranged, or dangerous, and Nicholson was none of those. He was the definition of “collecting a paycheck.”

He was all three. And if you read Nicholson’s love of that role, you’d know he wasn’t collecting a paycheck. It is his favorite role and for good reason.

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