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Catwoman, Tintin and more show love for Angoulême gay-rights march

Angoulême is synonymous with comics, so it’s probably to be expected that when marriage-equality supporters marched in the French city last weekend they enlisted some familiar faces for the cause.

On her blog, local artist Algesiras posts a handful of photos of banners depicting several famous comic characters sharing a same-sex kiss. There’s Tintin and Captain Haddock, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, Asterix and Obelisk, Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, Blake and Mortimer, and Spirou and Fantasio, among others.

“Notice the rings on the hands of the characters,” Algesiras writes. “I think the best one is the one with the Smurfette, because it mocks the fact that the Smurfette is the only female in the Smurfs world. She’s not alone anymore.”

The 40th annual Angoulême International Comics Festival kicks off Jan. 31.

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Seeing the Bulma and Android 18 kiss reminds on how few female characters there are in DBZ:) (Seriously, there are only like two other characters she could have used.)

The Tintin one is disturbing. He’s a young teen at most.

Those pairings suck. Opportunity blown.

Ivy and Catwoman? Really?

We really don’t know how old Tintin is Simon, By the end of the Picarous which is where it would be, people have him pegged for about 20 years old. So nothing wrong with he and the Captain sharing their feelings for one another.

Well, Tintin is a bit old. I mean he is a journalist … And he got his house travel gone in space… So he is not a teen i guess.
Good thing to see our country and a good festival in an american website

Just totally disturbing

Minnie and Daisy is really disturbing, a mouse and a duck kissing? EWWWW!!!

I’m blown away that there is a second female smurf

So showing female characters who are actually straight in their original publications (and some of them are even lovingly married and have children) making out with same sex partners and being married to them is supposed to…. what? This is kinda weird, especially considering both Marvel and DC have a variety of explicitly gay characters she could have used, plus in the DBZ one it probably would have been smarter to go with Goku and Vegeta since there is a bit of an implied homo eroticism between the two. Bulma and !8 never really hung out and were clearly in love with their spouses. Not saying the intent was bad, but the whole project seems half-assed. Seriously, this painter couldn’t have done 5 minutes of research?

What I should say is, I applaud the intent, but yeah, next time put some more effort into the composition

I’m all for gay rights and everything but when something like THIS happens THIS is where I draw the line folks I am furious at the outrages act by the gay community, further more I seek rectification for this lack of knowledge on gay couples in cartoons and comics. I mean really Cat-woman and Poison Ivy could never make out it’s Poison Ivy and Harley Quin who are the gay couple in comics, and Smurfet on smurfet is not gay it’s Masturbation, now Papa Smuft on Brainy is the true gay couple do your research next time gay community. So basically the point is to show everybody that they know shit about the source material not even Bat-woman the actual gay character is in there an one more thing Minnie and Daisy Not Mickey and Donald really… REALLY. FURTHER MORE really Tintin with Haddock not Chang his Asian friend, Tintin is 14 you pedodykinghomos pairing him up with a 40 year old and even further more Bulma and 18 not Vegeta and Goku.

HA! I love it.

They’re all just drawings on paper, outraged folks.

@terry b

I wasn’t criticizing the gay community, moron, I was criticizing the artist for using characters they OBVIOUSLY know nothing about to make a political statement. It’s actually kind of dumb, because they could have promoted actual gay characters instead of shoe-horning in what are really straight characters, and shown that the medium has evolved and stands by the gay community. THAT was my point, but no I guess it was more important you make a lame joke. Congrats, my man.

Also, I didn’t think I came off as outraged in those first two posts, I was going more for “helpful critique”

Actually anon I wasn’t even talking about your comment at all, I just posted a comment with out reading the rest of them and I’m actually half joking on the matter if your gonna promote gay coupling in comics make sure to get it right. and the hole Tintin and Captain Haddock is probably not a good example either see as how Tin Tin is actually under aged and Haddock is more then 3 times older then Tin Tin.


January 25, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Smurfette is not the only female character in the Smurfs, there is also Sassette and really, if she was going to do this she should have used Vanity and one of the other male Smurfs, maybe Brainy or Grumpy.


January 25, 2013 at 2:52 pm

and as others have stated Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn makes sense. Really I doubt this person has any idea about the characters they decided to ripoff for their work.

Agreed with several of the prior posts. What could have been a sympathetic line-up of renowned gay characters ends up as cheap propaganda because the artists were too lazy to google “gay couples in comics”. Midnighter and Apollo are a must whenever this topic arises.

It was hardly laziness. Established gay comic characters wouldn’t have had nearly the impact on that audience that prominent figures like Asterix and Obelisk, Spirou and Fantasio, et al, did. I doubt the average person in Angoulême watching the march would’ve had the slightest clue who Midnight and Apollo are. Or Wiccan and Hulkling. But every one of them would’ve recognized Smurfette, Tintin and Minnie Mouse.

A great opportunity, being wasted, the only exceptions are Asterix/Obelix, I totally saw that one coming, and Cat/Ivy. However the Tintin/HAddock ship is plain wrong, is supposed to be Gay, not pedophilia.

I’m thinking the artist probably picked these characters to use in her paintings because they’re more recognizanle to the oworld ar large compared to characters like Northstar and Kyle, Wiccan and Hulkling, Batwoman and whoever. I think y’all might be reading into it a bit too much.

Nice going Terryb.
You kind of had a point and then you blew it out of the water with that last disgusting homophobic insult in your last sentence.
Congrats on failing to debate.

scary, but funny. I wonder how far they’re willing to go. It’s like this internet troll constantly waving “look at me, I’m trolling”. Who cares?

To the handful of outraged posters: the pairings are meant to be light-hearted and funny, as well as slightly incongruous and surprising so they catch your eye. Maybe the artist also just drew the pairings s/he liked to see, I don’t know. I’m all for taking comics seriously, but myopic nerd rage and thinly veiled homophobia of the “I’m all for gay rights, but this time the gays have gone too far! Pluto sodomizing Goofy, dear God, ’tis blasphemy!” – variety is seriously charmless. Unclench your sphincters, please.

It should be pointed out that pedophilia is an attraction to prepubescent children, which Tintin obviously isn’t. Herge once said in an interview that he considered Tintin to be “around 17″ which in Belgium (his home country) and also Scotland (Captain Haddocks home) is above the age of consent. Granted the age difference is a bit extreme, but hey they’re in love.

The probable reason why the artist didn’t use any Marvel or DC characters is that in Europe many none-comic readers would simply ask “Who are those people?” Tintin, the Smurfs, and Asterix have been part of European culture for decades and are more recognisable to the man or woman on the street than an superhero.


As a creator, I think I would be discouraged to see my creations co-opted for a political purpose like this. I’m all for speaking out, and finding clever ways to get your point across, but to me, it’s disrespectful to the creators of said characters, unless they have signed off on it.

@ Kevin Melrose
By your argument, the artist SHOULD have used Goku and Vegeta because they are the most recognizable of the DBZ characters (and Goku may be one the ten most recognized fictional characters of all time if you think about it).

This was just half-assed. Like I said, I applaud the intent but as someone who is part of the LBGT community, it would have been nice to see them embracing existing gay comics characters and characters that do seem to have a bit of a repressed attraction between each other instead of random pairings to make a sensationalist political statement. It’s clear the artist doesn’t give a fuck about the medium I love, so why should I give a fuck about their work?

So yeah, what I’m saying is that this would seem a whole lot more sincere if the artist had done some research.

First, using comics characters in political ways is a longtime trick. It gets attention.
And second, it’s not that the artist didn’t do “research”, it’s that they used recognizable characters to get attention. They weren’t trying to continue the story, they were trying to make a point in a way that caused people to look at it. It worked.
I sometimes wonder if Americans (and I am one) really do think the rest of the world only knows what we know.

What’s a “Goku”?

Well, when I see that, I just see possibilities…

That not really to say ‘Damn yes, Poison Ivy could totally hang out with Catwoman, let’s ask a comic for them’ it’s just to show iconical characters… Comics aren’t really in french’s culture, they just take characters people can reconize.

And pick up straigts was a way to subligne that it should be a right for everyone to marry who he wants.

And Tintin is maybe a young man, but it’s not a teen… Teen can’t work as journalist, can’t live alone (even with a smart dog), can’t go on the moon, can’t even travel across the world without his parents, can’t drive a car (remember France and Belgium haven’t same laws than USA…)

And PLEASE, Angoulême is know, in France, as a city of comics and fun. You can have political ideas AND humour. I think I know what I am talking about… I’m french.

@Terryb – Tintin is about 20 by the end of the series and actually it makes more sense for Tintin to be with Haddock. I think Haddock loves Tintin much more than Chang does; although I don’t oppose the TintinxChang pairing because it could definitely be a possibility. Haddock its true Haddock is about 15 – 19 years older than Tintin but look in the straight world how many young women end up with older men.

@Anonymous – I do agree with some other couples are a bit absurd that are openly hetero… which that I don’t agree with.

@Juan Hernandez – It’s not pedophile stuff TintinxHaddock Tintin is around 20 by the end of Alph Art book… so TintinXHaddock can be shipped together by that time. As I told the first guy… in the straight world many young women end up with older men some almost 20 years older!

@D Tombling – Herge did say that but he didn’t give a definite answer… around Alph Art I peg Tintin about 19 or 20. You’re right, if they’re in love it doesn’t matter straight world is full of older men who are with much younger women. I wrote a fanfiction on called The Origins of Tintin which is about that very subject… well not totally.

That, Who Rinse Winds

February 24, 2013 at 7:11 am

Although my childhood burst into tears and died, my adolescence is really happy. Kissing Asterix and Obelix look quite naturally, ecpesially after the recent movie =D
Talking seriously, I have nothing against gays, but parading is too much. If you have your private live, don’t show off, even if it’s a bit… strange. Nobody will say a word then. Or demand your rights like civilised people. There’s no surprise some people become homophobes, when the rainbow-coloured party closes the entire street just to show off their singularity in excentric way.

Really disliked this idea.
Like Brian above I don’t like the idea of these characters to be used for political reasons. What’s the point of using straight characters as if they were gay? They’re not gay so what exactly did this accomplish?

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