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Christian Bale’s phone call brings a smile to young cancer patient

Zach Guillot receives a call from Christian Bale

For all of the ridicule Christian Bale received for his 2008 tirade on the set of Terminator Salvation, it turns out the Oscar winner is a kindhearted guy, visiting with victims of the shooting at The Dark Knight Rises screening in Aurora, Colorado, and flying the family of a 4-year-old cancer patient to have lunch with him at Disneyland. And now the actor has put a smile on the face of an 8-year-old Batman fan who’s battling leukemia.

As Heat Vision reports, Bale called Zach Guillot Friday morning for a 10-minute conversation about the boy’s favorite subject, the Dark Knight. In a video uploaded by his family (below), a shy Zach is encouraged by his mother to tell the star about his realistic Batman costume and his cardboard Batmobile.

“The whole point of the movie is anybody can be Batman,” Bale told the boy. “Anybody can be as strong as that and help people and put good out into the world.”

You can read more about Zach and his fight with leukemia on his Facebook page.



He’s so cool and sweet to do that!

Johnny Sarcastic

January 24, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Class act. Kids should never get sick.

this makes me smile


January 24, 2013 at 5:22 pm

I genuinely wish to this boy a full recovery.
Live Long and Prosper!

A positive and humble act.
Congratulations mr. Bale.

Very touching…..this young man will be in my prayers.

oh bale, you’re so sweet and generous

I love what he does here. Bale is a world class guy and it shows that he really loved playing the character.

Christian Bale is awesome. Taking the time to visit and talk with these people.

Christian Bale = Class Act

Let me echo Johnny Thunders in wishing Zach a full recovery.

That is a great story. But was it really necessary to temper the positivity of it by not only bringing up a stupid incident that took place over 5 years ago, but also add a link to said incident? God forbid any one of us are ever caught on video or audio having a bad moment. Does Bale have to actually cure cancer before “journalists” and bloggers stop bringing it up?

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