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McKelvie’s Captain Marvel, fake elements and more

This week sees the release of Captain Marvel #9 , which boasts a cover by Young Avengers/Phonogram artist Jamie McKelvie … and now you can sport that cover on a T-shirt, available from in both a men’s and women’s versions.

Speaking of WeLoveFine …

For the scientifically minded, they’ve got two shirts that show off a couple of elements known to Wolverine and Black Panther fans everywhere. Both were done by artist Matthew J. Parsons, who has designed a whole bunch of shirts for the site. If you think you’re up for designing some shirts, WeLoveFine currently has a contest going you might be interested in:


The site is running a contest to design shirts based on Bravest Warrior, the Cartoon Hangover show-turned-BOOM! Studios comic. And creator Pendleton Ward is serving as one of the judges.

And finally, jumping over to the Old Navy site, I’m not sure how long these have been up, but I just saw them for the first time this week: Old Navy has a bunch of NBA/Marvel mash-up shirts for boys. So if your kid ever had to decide whether to wear his Mavericks shirt or his Spider-Man one, well … now he doesn’t have to.



Good to know that an experimental steel alloy is an element.



Hahaha, Busiek, sharper and more cutting than Wolverine’s (elemental) adamantium claws.

In addition, if Vibranium is the 13th element, then does that mean that aluminum doesn’t exist in the Marvel universe?

When I was in Hight School, the elements table had some vacant spaces at the end for elements they hadn’t discovered yet or something. I guess the could of used those spaces.

The element numbers are first appearance issue numbers. Incredible Hulk 181 for the first appearance of Wolverine, and Daredevil 13 for the first reference to Vibranium.

The spidey shirt reminds me of a licensing deal that MARVEL struck with apparel and uniform supplier Russell Athletic for various collegiate clothing, last summer. Iron Man on a UCLA t-shirt, for example…

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