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DC Comics cuts deal with Florida barbershops over trademark dispute

Supermen Fades to Fros

DC Comics has settled its trademark-infringement lawsuit against a Florida barbershop owner it accused of using its Superman logos without permission, Law360 reports. Details of the agreement weren’t immediately available.

The publisher filed the lawsuit in September against Reginal B. Jones, owner of Supermen Fades to Fros in Eatonville and Winter Park, claiming his shops exploited the Superman trademarks for signage, barber capes and marketing materials (photos on the Fades to Fros website show as much).

Contending the logos were likely to cause confusion, leading the public to believe DC had an affiliation with the barbershops, the publisher originally sought, among other things, for Jones to hand over for destruction any infringing materials, to surrender his domain name, and cancel all business names containing the Superman trade or service marks.

In his November response to the lawsuit, Jones wrote, “DC Comics has decided to pick on me because they know I am a small local barber and cannot afford the big lawyers they can. I am asking that you look very carefully at what they are trying to do and not let them take advantage of me.”



You know, I like to side with the little guy, but the megaevilcorporation is unambiguously in the right here. He’s using names and symbols with huge cultural recognition and those names and symbols do not belong to him. Further, DC is *obligated* to protect its trademarks, lest they lose them.

Now, as to whether a piece of the pie for those names and cultural symbols ought to go to the estates of the men who created them rather than the company they worked for, that’s another matter…

Does make me wonder what the settlement is.

Haha!! What did he think was gonna happen??

Translation: My dumb ass got caught!

DC is trying to “take advantage” of him? He’s obviously taking advantage of property that’s not his to do with as he pleases. If the “S” at least stood for something else, maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but calling yourself “Supermen?!?” …. It pisses me off that he thinks he’s entitled to co-opt something that was built on the sweat of others.

Hey. If he thinks DC was bad, just imagine what would’ve happened if he’d been using Disney (or Disney/Marvel) properties.

HA! its not like they are actually suing him – it seems they just want him to stop using superman – perfectly reasonable. Just because he is the “little guy” doesnt mean he is in the right. DC is doing exactly what they should do.

Shaun M. has the correct sentence. No matter what the issue is, due to legal, DC is obligated to protect its ip.

I think his argument is that since the barbershop does not look like the Fortress of Solitude, he’s within his rights.

Ha…Dekko…are you serious? “It pisses me off that he thinks he’s entitled to co-opt something that was built on the sweat of others.”

The Schuster and Siegel families may have a lot of laughs with this comment, considering the size of the DC Comics’ empire compared to the tiny slice they’ve received from their sweat in creating Superman. LOL. For real.

He could have gone for a generic super hero look, used different colors and created his own symbol. Not a smart business move on his part.

theres nothing wrong with wanting to make your business unique but what comes hand to hand with that is being original. he could have just as well made something in his own style. he’s lucky they want to cut a deal with him other wise.

carlos you hit it right on head

he should have just called his place supercuts.

… I would so use a barber if their shop looked like the Fortress of Solitude…

Meanwhile, back at the bookstores and libraries, all copies of George Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman” have been removed and Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche’s Superman concept has been changed to “Big Strong Guy”.
Come to think of it, I could use a haircut.

Suppose he had refused to take down the Superman logos and continued doing business as is (i.e., ignoring DC’s orders), how much would that set him back dollarwise?

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