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DC creator shuffles: Stormwatch, Constantine, Birds of Prey, more

With the launch of Comic Book Resources’ new monthly feature with DC Comics Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras and Editorial Director Bobbie Chase arrives announcements of a slew of creative changes, including confirmation that Jim Starlin is the new writer of Stormwatch.

Best known for his work on Marvel’s cosmic titles, Starlin has been teasing since early December that he would take the reins on an existing DC series beginning in April. Yvel Guichet joins him as artist. Other creative shifts in April include:

Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes will write the newly launching Constantine, taking over Robert Venditti with Issue 2. “Robert came to us with a fantastic pitch for Constantine,” Harras told CBR. “We really loved what Robert’s doing — he’s working on Demon Knights now, and he’s also working on another project for us that I really can’t go into which is a big deal for us. But at the end of the day, Robert and Dan [DiDio] and I spoke, and Constantine was, for him, one book too many. It was the one thing that we had to go, “If we want you to focus on this one project, maybe we should make a change on Constantine.”

Birds of Prey gets Christy Marx (Sword of Sorcery), replacing Jim Zubkavich, who was announced just last month as the book’s new writer beginning with March’s Issue 18. “Jim had a great pitch for Birds of Prey, but as things came together in discussion and the creative churn, we all saw what Christy was doing on Amethyst, and we were looking at Birds of Prey and internally and editorially we were thinking of taking it in a different direction,” Harras said. “The decision was made that we were going to go in a different direction than what Jim had originally envisioned.”

Teen Titans artist Brett Booth and Nightwing artist Eddy Barrows are swapping books.

They join writer James Tynion IV and artist Mico Suayan, who were announced Friday as the new creative team for Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Charles Soule and KANO, who were revealed as the replacements for Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette on Swamp Thing.



So what happens to Jim Zubkavich? Has anyone told him (besides what is known here at CBR)?

That interview just made me drop all my DC titles except Batman and Wonder Woman. For real.

Lemire seems to be on too many books now. I get that DC wants to use him a lot. But they should be time for him to sleep.

^^I doubt that Lemire will be doing much at all on Constantine. He had to bring in a co-writer for JLD when he took on Green Arrow. I can’t see him doing much work here.

This’ll probably be an arrangement like Snyder on Talon: Fawkes basically doing all the writing duties, with Lemire just giving a seal of approval to Fawkes’ scripts while maybe tossing an idea out there now and then.

Oh, DC…why must you stay screwing up? Oh, wait a mo-, because the WB demands it to be so.

DC is in a mess these days.

I want to kick Bob Harras in the eye.

Go back to Marvel and leave us alone, please.

I love how everyone complained when Venditti was announced as writer of a Constantine Book. I didn’t hear much talk about Jim Zub either way.

Now Lemire and Fawkes (WHo have gotten nothing but good reviews on JLD) are taking over, and everyone acts like it is the end of the world. AGAIN.

How dare DC launch a book with a more closely related team!

I’m guessing Zubkavich’s BoP was somehow going to tie-in with the post-Gail Simone Batgirl, and her return has something to do with him leaving. I found it vaguely suspicious that Duane S. left right around the time Simone was fired.

I woulod love for CBR to have a series called “online reaction way-back machine” to pull quotes from comic readers who have done complete 180’s once they see a finished product. I would have loved to see it on:

-First reaction to Dan Didio on OMAC
-First Reaction to I Vampire as a series
-First Reaction to Bryan Q Miller Stephanie Brown Batgirl
-First Reaction to Brian Azarello’s Wonder Woman with Pants Followed by Wonder Woman without Pants


I don’t think it’s necessarily that Lemire/Fawkes suck, it’s that DC’s announcing and soliciting Venditti, and then out of nowhere, making a switch before an issue has even come out make it look liek a total mess over at DC. It’s the sort of thing that makes you question if they know what they’re even doing right now.

A frustration which I understand, but If DC reads reaction to news (WHich wasn’t great at all) and makes a change to give it the strongest launch possible under an established DC team, can we see the reasoning there? is it necessary to curse (or wish violence on) Bob Harras for makinga pretty reasonable business decision?

I like Lemire, And I love the idea of a writer-mentor method (similar to what marvel did with David-Slott-Gage, Bendis-Hickman, and Brubaker-Fraction) as a way of introducing new writers (who strangely readers always seem to hate)

Poor “New 52″ apologists, having to prove their worth with yet ANOTHER DiDio/Harras editorial misstep…

Is there a way to get to Earth-notnuDC NOW, with Mark Waid running the company?

Its definitely easier to just disregard me as an apologist than answer any of my questions huh?

I’ll gladly put my hat on the “New52 Apologist” hook, thanks. DC does reboots. Grow a pair and deal with it people. The books and characters are THEIRS, not yours. You pay your money, you get your comic. Don’t want the comic? Don’t pay the money. Simple. DC (and other Comic Book Publishers) make a rod for their own back by SOMETIMES giving in to the minority (Hal Jordon’s return, Gail Simone’s de-firing, other ideas both good and bad) and sometimes not. DC is a business. They exist to make money and will listen to sales. Buy the books you like. Do not buy the books you do not like, or which are indicative of the choices you do not approve of. I, for example, approve of (almost) all the decisions and choices made in Earth2 and despite the book travelling at a snail’s pace (c’mon Mr Robinson!) I continue to buy it as I wish to see it continue. If not enough people agree with me it will be cancelled. And while I would be sad I would understand it’s not because Dan DiDio is the devil, or because Bob Harras needs a kick in the eye. It’s capitalism. Its also democracy, though, So, vote with your dollars.

New 52: no fun, no respect, no notion……the 90s are back…… A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Lobdell is a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C writer. Please, bring back Rob. And why stop here? Call Chuck Austen too.

Bon appetit!

All this does is give credence to the increasing belief that DC editorial has no idea what they’re doing, and they only know how to react to things in a kneejerk fashion…

The structural flaws from the beginning of the New 52 are really coming back to bite DC in the ass. Unless there’s a complete overhaul of their staff from top to bottom, I think things are only going to deteriorate further.


January 14, 2013 at 5:05 pm

I am pretty sure JLD and Constantine – both co-written by Lemire and Fawkes, are predominantly written by Fawkes. They just put Lemire on the cover to sell it. The tone of the last issue of JLD where Fawkes “cowrote” was markedly different than when it was just Lemire.

Why are people attacking lobdell and writers that have NOTHING to do with the decision? Seriously? WHy not just pool your funds into buying anything and everything Venditti and Jim Zub write? I guarantee you the big two will pick them up for more titles then!

The new is no now and I just feel sad for DC. This has probably been said before but, the new 52 is the old Bob Harras led Marvel. Crappy. I’ve stopped reading DC completely under Harras.

Starlin on Stormwatch could be all right. I might check out a trade or two of that, depending on reviews.

Otherwise, I just feel bad for Jim Zub. Maybe being in the news at all will bring more attention to his other work, and people will start picking up Skullkickers.

*looks at RaikoLives’ post*

A wild DC apologist appeared!

I want Alex Maleev on CONSTANTINE; Michael Lark on DETECTIVE COMICS and Jose Juan Ryp on SWAMP THING ..

AND Asia Argento’ phone number, if that ain’t too off-topic.

> So, vote with your dollars.

I thought I was.

You know, if I’m shelling out $2.99/$3.99 per issue of an ongoing, multi-chapter, conglomerate-owned-IP storyline month after month after year upon year for my comics entertainment— as opposed to say, a complete story contained in a creator-owned tpb— I’d ALSO be inclined to be an apologist to those Comics companies taking all my $$$s*. Month after month after year after year; and across 2/3/5/…/52? titles at that.

Funny how it works out that way.

*assuming here you’re actually BUYING those New 52 comics… and not just reading them at the LCS store as a work perk

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