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El Torres Steps out with his own company, Amigo Comics

After breaking into American comics with series like Suicide Forest and Nancy in Hell, Spanish comics writer/editor El Torres is looking to do more … much more.

Last month, Torres launched his own comic book company, Amigo Comics, focused on creator-owned comics, beginning with a new swashbuckling series called Rogues! by him and his Nancy in Hell co-creator Juan Jose Ryp. In a press releases, Torres says Amigo Comics “plans on publishing their love for comics about fantasy, about horror and even science-fiction,” focusing exclusively on creator-owned comics.

“We we have so much stories hiding in our sick little minds, so we just could not help ourselves and set out to create Amigo,” Torres said. “Sure, it’s not the best of times for a venture like this. And on top of it all, most of us are living in Spain, so geographically challenged for having a presence in conventions and comic shops. But love conquers all, huh?”

The company’s initial offering, Rogues, is about a pair of thieves named Bram and the Weasel that Torres and Ryp created years ago for the Spanish market and are reviving in this new series. Amigo has several other series lined up such as The Westwood Witches, The Shadow Legion and Gargantuan. Amigo’s plans are to publish their work online via and expand into comic stories with print comics later this year.

Here’s a teaser video Torres released about his new comics company:


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As a spaniard, I read almost 12 years ago the magazines that El Torres bravely decided to publish: Barbarian, The Realm and the acid-humor-mad magazine like Mala Impresión. They were the most exciting event in the local market after years of crisis after a period of almost zero local product in the stores, which, given the quality of spanish artists is a crying shame. This is just great news for comic industry in general, and for fantasy-horror-science fiction fans in particular.

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